Millions of people are engaged into different workout project. Some might take it slow some on the hard way. However it seems that the only way to succeed and achieve our goals in a healthy way is to notice the signs our body transmits to us. There’s no need to fall into extremes and talk about eating disorders yet instead of reactions since our organism reacts in a different way to all the harmful agents.

Specialists claim that following an exercise plan and living an active life is extremely healthy. Especially if we do it in the proper way. In order to stay in the limits of a healthy lifestyle it is highly recommended to follow the guidelines created by professionals. Here are some of the basic warning signs of over-exercising.

Resting is just as essential as the energy you devote to workouts. The ideal exercise plan promotes the three times per week/30 minutes exercising.This is an appropriate schedule for both training and tissue recovery. Those who neglect this and torture their muscles on a daily basis might find themselves facing severe consequences.

One of the obvious signs of over-exercising is when you seem to put the workout session before all your duties. This can blur your daily activities, however you seem to find it so important that there’s nothing that can stand between you and the gym.

Professional claim that this is one of the symptoms of over-exercising. Frequent exercising can not only cause physical damages but can also spoil social relations. Make sure that exercising occupies the proper role in your life.

Moreover besides the problem mentioned above you’ll also suffer physically from different health damages. Muscle soreness is one of these factors.

Due to the fact that you don’t let your muscles rest and recover from the pressure you exposed them to, these will soon cease working for you. This means that every little exercise will seem backbreaking. It’s time to realize that you’re not a machine and muscles and tissues deteriorate.

Indeed it was demonstrated that physical exercising can help with sleeping problems. However it was also claimed that if crossing the line with workout you’ll also might encounter sleep deprivation. Ideally after an efficient workout you should feel fresh not completely exhausted. Make sure you quit your workout session at least 3 hours before you go to bed.

Often you might face serious headaches, called also jogger’s headaches. These indeed root in hereditary problems still you might suffer also due to an inappropriate and too pushy exercising. The extreme tightening of the muscles can lead to the development of headaches. The head, neck and shoulders can suffer mainly, leading also to the appearance of migraines. Pay more attention to protect your muscles from exhaustion, give your body time to adopt the high intensity workout gradually.

Decreased appetite can be also a sign of over-exercising. This can originate in the fact that as we expose our body to too much pressure our temperature rises, the higher it is the lower the appetite is. This might occur either only a couple of hours after the workout or in more drastic cases it might become a definite condition. The key to avoid this problem is to reduce our body temperature with the proper liquid intake or practice our exercises in moderate temperature.