Curvy models are rarely spotted on the runway except if you’re watching an oh-so-glamorous Victoria’s Secret fashion show. This style company encourages girls to flaunt their femininity by sporting hot swimwear designs and lingerie.

Those who wish to learn from the best when it comes to exercising will have the privilege to sneak peek into the healthy lifestyle our favorite angels embraced. These Victoria’s Secret Angels fitness tips can provide you with a complete set of tricks on how to follow a well-defined workout plan that allows you to have fun and polish your silhouette in a healthy way.

Adriana Lima

The uber-sexy model is eager to channel her wild side into a complex workout routine. Capoeira is Adriana’s solution to lose weight and stay healthy. Those who are eager to experiment with brand new exercise programs that use martial-art techniques should try out this Brazilian dance style which is a high intensity cardio exercise worth trying your hand at.

Doutzen Kroes

Doutzen Kroes is one of the most curvaceous Victoria’s Secret models who succeeded in popularizing the beauties of a voluptuous silhouette. The young top model claims that she has to work long hours at the gym to preserve her perfectly toned figure.

Her method to complete a well-defined workout session is spending precious time with her fave jumping rope.

Those who are familiarized with the fitness program of athletes will know how important it is to use only the most efficient equipments as the one used by this super-hot angel.

Candice Swanepoel

Intensive workout sessions are the real deal for this Victoria’s Secret angel. Candice is fond of boxing, therefore, she embedded this exercise into her weekly schedule.

The young model revealed that she practices this top calorie-burning fitness program at least 3-4 times per week. Learn how to combine weight loss with muscle training in the most prolific way. Use the workout program used by Candeice Swanepoel to make sure you do magic with your silhouette and organism.

Marissa Miller

There are numerous exercise programs Marisa Miller pierced into her busy schedule. Paddle-boarding is only one of these as it helps her sculpt the feminine curves and preserve a curvy silhouette. Marisa also uses resistance bands to complete her exercise routine. Muscle toning seems pretty harsh for her as the sexy angels is a self-proclaimed Cardio fan.

Heidi Klum

Heidi follows an extremely complex workout routine to keep her dreamy silhouette. Push-ups, side leg extensions, sumo sidekicks and other exercises for abs feature on her workout menu. Those who would like to polish their figure with a more versatile fitness program will have the chance to embed the same lineup of movements into their daily workout routine as Heidi.

Alessandra Ambrosio and Miranda Kerr

Alessandra and Miranda like to take things more slowly. Therefore, the young angels opted for Yoga and Pilates to tone their flirty figure. These low intensity workout programs are perfect for those who wish to adopt a moderate pace to tone their muscles and work more on posture and flexibility. The infinite positive effects of Pilates and Yoga were confirmed by a multitude of trainers.

Victorias Secret Angels

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