In the early 20th century, Joseph Pilates developed a physical fitness system, known today around the world under his name: Pilates.

It was a method of using the mind to control the muscles, and now become a holistic physical experience, through which a person’s body learns how to move correctly and coordinate the body’s movements via one’s mind. Pilates has won nowadays its firm position in the mainstream.<

It’s a popular practice and hip all around the world. Joseph Pilates studied yoga, tai chi, and Asian martial arts, and combined them with a strong philosophical foundation – Pilates is now a complex mind-body workout.

Benefits of Pilates

Pilates focuses on your whole body, it increases the strength of your muscles, and it can be a great way to get a better sense of the kinesthetics of your body, thanks to its graceful and fluid movements.

Breathing will also be improved, and because of that, reduces stress, anxiety, and helps lift depression.

Because it’s a full body exercise, it will protect your body, its shape and specially its health.

Of course, it can be a really huge help when you’re trying to lose weight, improving the way you feel and look, it creates a natural postural alignment, improves circulation, and it offers relief from back pain and joint stress.

Pilates are a great thing, and it’s something that can be practiced by anyone, as it’s not that harsh on your body like aerobics or gymnastics.

Imagine exercising more with your mind, focusing, taking regulate breaths and, in the same time, shaping extremely healthy your body.