Losing weight can be time and effort consuming. Often some might experiment with endless variations on how to get rid of extra pounds quickly. There are several workout plans for those who engaged into a dramatic change and also those who only want to stay in shape.

It is extremely useful to know the top 5 calorie-burning activities to start our project with the right exercise. According to the respected and acknowledged Mayo Clinic this is the the list of the most efficient workout activities that can help you eliminate the undesired weight.

1. Running – burns 864-1107 caloriesIt is a well-known fact that running can enhance the toning and strengthening of different muscle groups. This way helping our body to shed off the extra-fat. This activity stands on the first place of the list as one of the toughest exercises according to both athletes and fitness gurus.

Be aware of the injuries and take the proper preventive actions to spare yourself from the pain,sore muscles or injuries and protect your joints.

2. Rope Jumping – Burns 640-820 calories Indeed it doesn’t require a gym or any special conditions. You can do it in the house or outdoors whenever you wish. Besides losing some fat you’ll be able to tone both your arms and legs as well as improve your posture and balance.

Jumping Rope

3. Jogging – Burns 512-656 calories Those who might find running a bit exhaustive, might consider choosing jogging as your favorite activity – and yes, running and jogging are basically the same as jogging is running but at a slower pace. Improving your physical and mental condition can lead to a better relaxation and health.

Jogging tones and at the same time strengthens the muscles. Speeding up your metabolism it can help your organism in eliminating the harmful toxins and avoiding digestive problems.

4. Racquetball – Burns 448-574 calories This fun and healthy exercise is among the most effective calorie busters. It will keep you fit and your health in great condition.

The greatest advantage is that you won’t feel as if being tortured. Contrary to an exhaustive gym session, you’ll work your muscles in a pleasant way. As one of the mostly accepted and followed workout, racquetball is popularized by both average and lately especially businessmen, who seek a way of relaxation.

5. Aerobic Dancing – Burns 416-533 calories Aerobic dancing revolutionized the world of fitness by combining the dance moves with cardio workouts. Ranging from the more complex high-impact steps to the low-impact ones.

Everyone can find the one that fits best his/her taste. It will strengthen bones, and build muscles. Enhancing the metabolic function fastens the weight loss process. Besides being a fabulous stress buster it balances blood circulation, preventing the appearance of cellulite and other issues.

Losing weight by dancing is a popular method even among celebrities.