Summer is on its way so it’s time to start exercising to get the body everyone will envy. Here are some exercises you can do at home to tone your thighs and buttocks:

1. Stand straight and take a big step forward flexing your knee until the other leg leans almost touching the floor. Switch the legs and do the same thing several times.

2. Lay on the floor on your knees and elbows keeping your back straight and parallel to the ground. Lift one leg towards the ceiling keeping your knee at a 90° angle. Bring your leg back, pause for a few seconds and do the same with the other leg.

Don’t kick, just extend your leg keeping your abdomen tight during the whole exercise.


3. Take a stool and stand with your feet on it keeping one leg off. With that leg get down and touch the floor. Return to the initial position and switch legs doing the same with the other one. Repeat this exercise several times. Make sure the stool is not very tall so you won’t hurt yourself.

4. Take the stool and step up on it with one leg. Come back down to the original position. Repeat using the other leg. Do this exercise several times.

5. Lay on the floor on one side. Lift one leg but do not touch the floor when bringing down. Repeat several times, then turn around on the other side and do the same with the other leg.

6. Stand straight, spread your legs shoulder-width apart, keep your hands on your waist and your back straight. Slowly bend your knees half way down and come back up. Repeat several times.  Remember it doesn’t matter how many exercises you do for the same muscle group, fat won’t just go away from that area. Fat is burned from the entire body and toned muscles don’t show if they are covered in fat tissue. So walk, jog or swim on a regular basis to burn down the excess fat.