Regardless of their shape and size, women have always tried their best to ensure their cleavage looks perfect. This need has everything to do with being comfortable in your own skin and most of all confident, so no wonder more and more women are turning towards surgery to ensure their bust remains flawless.

Weight fluctuations, a large chest and gravity, all leave their print over the firmness of the breasts so if you want to postpone that breast lifting surgery, you’d better start paying attention to tips and exercises which can make your breast firmer. This way you can help maintain your breast tone and eve give them a natural lift, as through proper care and exercises, you can achieve wonderful results. Firmer breasts will definitely make you opt for a more revealing cleavage so here’s what you can do to ensure they stay firm and far away from sagging:

Tensing your pecks can definitely help you strengthen the muscles thus create a firmer bust, and you don’t even need any equipment to help you do this. Sit on the floor and cross your legs (similarly to a Lotus yoga pose, but way more relaxed) keeping your back straight and your palms joined around bust level (like you would do when praying). Now press the palms and hold that tension for a few seconds then relax and repeat for about 10 minutes a day, every day, for long term results.

Weight lifting is a perfect way to ensure your breast as well as your arms are maintained firm and fabulous. You can use small weights of small bottles filled with water or sand to do these exercises. Keep a straight position, and lift your arms (holding the weights) until they are parallel to the ground. Hold them still for a few seconds and gently come back to the original position. Repeat for as many times as you can. Don’t use higher weights if you don’t want to look buff and maintain a feminine looking upper body shape.

Stretching exercises are a perfect way to strengthen your arms and your pectoral muscles. To perform this exercise you need to purchase a rubber exercise expander and a exercise mat. Sit on the mat, keep your legs a little bit bent and holding the handles from the expander, place the rubber string over your feet and pull simultaneously with both hands to create tension. Pull your elbows back as far as you can and release slowly the tension. Repeat for about 10 minutes every day.

These exercises not only work on creating a firmer bust they will also aid your health so adopt a regular exercising routine to stay healthy and fit. In addition to these exercises, there are a variety of tips, tricks and products which you can turn towards to ensure your cleavage look perfect.

Choose to opt for bust firming creams as there are a variety of products out there and they help prevent sagging breasts by maintaining the skin’s elasticity. There have been wonderful progresses in this domain so find a cream that works for you.

Try to maintain the same weight and avoid weight fluctuations as these will affect the firmness of your skin and thus cause the skin to loose it’s elasticity.

When taking a shower alternate hot with cold water to promote blood circulation.

Wear bras which fit you perfectly so you will not only feel comfortable but also prevent the breasts from sagging in time