If you want to have wonderful shoulders, toning is an absolute must. Don’t think of some complicated and really tiring exercises. Introducing some simple but highly effective exercises to your daily regime can make wonders to your shoulders. Following these simple practices, you can achieve sexy and appealing shoulders that will look amazing in any outfit.

One of the most common things, which are vital to have beautiful shoulders, is to keep your back erect while sitting or standing. Paying a little attention to your posture will make a huge difference in your general outlook. An erect back has a positive effect not only on your health but on your self esteem as well, bringing your shoulders forward and giving you a sophisticated, confident look.

While you are sitting or standing with back erect pull your arms to the side, to form a parallel line with the floor and keep your forearms vertical to the floor and to your upper arms. Raise your arms upwards and exhale while doing the exercise and make sure that your elbows are as close to your ears as possible. Inhale deeply when you lower your arms and get back to the initial position. Repeat it 15 times to perform one set and practice it in three sets daily.

Another simple but great exercise for toning and relaxing the muscles of your shoulders is to raise and lower them about ten times in one set. This is a wonderful exercise since it can be done anywhere and anytime your want.

Sit on a chair with armrest and make sure your feet are touching the floor. Support yourself with your arms while you are slowly standing up from the chair. Hold it for about 5-6 seconds and repeat the exercise five times, performing two sets every day.

Here is another really simple and effective exercise to work the muscles of your shoulders and your triceps as well. Start with facing one palm towards the other and inhale while you are raising your hands upwards and to the sides. Keep your arms at the level of your shoulders for a few seconds and then lower them. Repeat the exercise 10 times. Sit back in your chair so that it can support your back. Lift weights up to shoulder height, so that your palms are facing forward. Pull your arms upwards, above your head and then bring them back to shoulder level. Again, you should repeat these movements 10 times in order to obtain a great result and attractive shoulders.

Facing a wall, put your hands on the wall, keeping your legs shoulder-width apart. Lean your body and start to make some push-ups, 5 in one set, repeating it twice a day.

Performing these excellent exercises you will work your muscles properly, making you feel and look better. Apart from all these practices, you can give your shoulders a nice massage, which is a great way to relieve tension and to make them look even more attractive. Gently massage the muscles in your shoulders using three fingers and circular movements. Save yourself some time to care about your body and it will be thankful it.