How do I get my arms to look toned and slim, without having that flam hanging or build bulky muscles? Arms are a very important body part even if you don’t want to admit it. You can hide your but or stomach with a well chosen wardrobe but it is almost impossible to wear long sleeves all the time, so believe it or not, the body part that gets the most exposure is not your booty , legs or chest but the arms. So it is very important that your arms will look in shape, not flabby, your hands well maintained, polished nails and so on.

While some of these things can be taken care of at the beauty salon, it is all up to you to get that tone that will make your arms look great. One of the biggest misconception regarding arms workout is that by engaging your arms in physical activity you will build huge muscular mass and you will end up having your biceps bigger than your boyfriend (or at least look bulky and lose your feminine touch); well I hate to say it but that’s wrong.

Working out your arms will give you a nice shaped, more flexible and sexy arm, not to mention make you feel more confident.There are several ways you can workout your arms, at the local gym, while having your aerobics class, at home or office, using machines and gadgets or just your body weight. Let’s quickly go through these basic methods so you can find out which is your favorite.If are going to the gym already you probably have your own workout routine.

If that is the case you should know that working out various body parts already involves in a some way working out your arms indirectly and it is not a must that you allocate separate time for specifically working your arm muscles unless you want it. In that case the main exercises for arms are focusing on biceps, triceps and forearm and are mainly the flexions and extensions.

Aerobics class than use at some point small weights and or rubber bands, are another way to give your upper body and arms a good workout if the gym is not your favorite. If you want to workout at home or in your office you can use a simple elastic band or rubber extensor, attach it to a fix point and you already have a small gym on the way. Arm extensions and flexions combined with a few exercises for the shoulders and chest will not take more than 20 minutes and give you a great muscular tone.

The ultimate workout for arms is the simplest of all: the good old push up. It doesn’t require any fancy machine, all you are using is your own body weight. If in the beginning your fitness level doesn’t allow you to push your own body weight off the floor, you can start doing push ups with your knees touching the floor, or vertical push ups leaning against a wall, and then after you build up some resistance you can perform in the traditional way. And remember the most important thing is consistency. It doesn’t matter if you start only with one or two a day, if you put your mind to it you will end up having a great body!