Callanetics has got its name after Callan Pinckney, back in the late 1970s, when it was initially developed in order to release pain. Since then, Callanetics has become a popular method to maintain cardiovascular health, lose weight, and promote strength, flexibility and overall fitness.

This wonderful program makes it possible for you to loose inches in just 10 classes by practicing some highly effective micro-movements that place no strain on your cardiovascular system. Let’s see some of the major benefits of Callanetics and get ready to try this completely new workout experience, which will wonderfully sculpt your body, making you look and feel better than ever.

Callanetics is made up of tiny but powerful movements, which aim to work on targeted muscle groups and body areas. The other fantastic thing about this workout program is the fact that it can be practiced by every age group, fitness level, body type, by both men and women. This program addresses the thigh area, which is a critical body part for many women. Callanetics stretches and strengthens the spine, thus helping you to relax your back and achieve a wonderful posture.

Callanetics improves your posture and flexibility, increasing the body alignment and strengthening the muscles of your problematic hot spots such as arms, thighs, tummy and waist. The tiny, pulse movements and contractions practiced during Callanetics bring fast results, creating a well-shaped, really feminine silhouette.

A few sessions are enough to obtain wonderful result. Regular practicing helps you to slim your waist and decrease your hip size so you can get rid of the nasty muffin top as well. You will quickly notice that your tummy has become much flatter and your upper body tighter. Callanetics is a fantastic way to lift your back area and make it more round. The muscles of the inner thighs are generally amongst the most difficult body parts to tone and strengthen. However, Callanetics stretches your muscles and tightens them successfully so you can achieve gorgeous, sculptured legs that are worth of envy.

Another major benefit of Callanetics exercises is the way they manage to regulate your irregular menstrual cycle, they boost your mood and reduce pain in the back, waist, abdomen and ankle area. Callanetics helps you to work muscles from deep inside, maintaining the strength, elasticity and health of the overall body. Practicing these movements on a regular basis, you can prevent the apparition of serious health problems such as osteoporosis.

Practicing these slow movements you can achieve maximum relaxation, spiritual harmony and balance. Callanetics helps you to enhance your pelvic floor and boosts your core strength, helping you to achieve a more flexible body and a healthy, nice posture.

Callanetics exercises are wonderful ways to move through your entire body, focusing on specific muscle groups that otherwise would be hard to train. Try out this great workout program and get in shape for the summer.