What could be more simple than turning your favorite jogging session into a top high intensity workout. The creators of this plan promise visible results right after a few weeks. It was demonstrated that running is one of the top 5 calorie burning activities that can help you among others lose weight, boost your mood and metabolism and even reduce the aging process. Besides all these benefits physical activities in general should have a central importance in our life. Training the muscles is only one way to improve our health and at the same time get rid of extra-pounds.

Chuck Cornett a respected coach from Orange Park, Florida designed a special program for beginning runners who are engaged in both high and low intensity workouts. In order to increase their resistance and perseverance he decided to organize a plan that would contain all the essential elements and exercises for the quick and best results. In order to bring yourself in fab shape, follow these guidelines and include the 30/30 Beginner running program into your daily schedule.

The first principle is as soon as you get going, preferably on the very first day as you step out of the house go 15 minutes in the same direction without turning. Then turn back again spending 15 minutes on the road until you get back home.

Here you have the 30 minutes workout for the day. Believe it or not proceeding gradually with the following steps you’ll be able to perfect your results when it comes of jogging.

Here is how the 30 minutes you spend outside should be organized. In the first 10 minutes only walk, there’s no need to run or even jog. This is key to build up the carefully designed plan and with it your own condition.

The middle 15 minutes give you the chance for a refreshing jogging or running depending on your preferences. It is essential to not overdo the workout, if you get injured on the first day you won’t be able to complete the whole project.

This quick overview will help you in improving your resistance to constant running. The best and wisest idea would be in this mid-section that lasts for 15 minutes to jog for about 30 seconds than walk until you gather some energy. Again jog then walk, mix these two elements according to your own physical condition.

Soon you’ll get used to this combo and you’ll be able to systematically switch from 30 seconds jogging to 30 seconds walking and so on until the 15 pass. Now take preventions to protect your muscles and give time for the progress rather than jumping in the middle of an exhausting workout. Do it as long as it’s comfortable.

Finally in the last 5 minutes again walk, these are the ideal wind up exercises for the efficient running session. This way you’ll be able to control your blood pressure and get back to the normal pace of life rather than suddenly stopping the jogging.

The specialists claim that the only way to achieve the best and most spectacular results is to go on with this workout for 30 days. Remember it is essential to include it into our daily routine to make the magic happen. However if we skip one day, and we decide to repeat the session every other day, the whole project will require 2 months. There’s no need to rush if you feel like taking it slowly then decide on following one of these two options.

The creators of the plan assure you that when you finished the first 30 days of the Beginner running workout you’ll be bale to walk and jog no less than between 1-2 miles per day. Follow the instructions rationally without exaggerations the gradual progress is the secret to establish a healthy workout routine.