Getting healthy, lean and fit can be quite a long process. Slow results can certainly take a toll on our motivation since we might have a difficult time figuring out whether we are on the right path. Tracking your progress is certainly useful to be able to determine how close you are getting to your goals and what might need to change. If you are feeling like you follow all the rules, yet the results are not as you expect them to be, maybe a few subtle strategy shifts might be in order.

Sure, you might know that eating mini meals is said to help boost your metabolism. Or that spicy foods are beneficial for the same purpose and that strength training and cardio are both needed for accelerated weight loss. But how about the things that seem fairly unimportant and that you tend to take for granted? New studies and researches always tend to to come up with new findings that tend to shift our perspective of what we really know about health and fitness and give us new bits of ideas we can incorporate in our lifestyle. Some of the following recommendations can help you get better results in less time.

Go heavier We all know that strength training is essential for sculpting our muscles and boosting our metabolism after our workout is over. What we might not know is that weight lifting for calorie burn is more about the weight lifted than about the number of reps.

A study seems to point out the fact that even if the weight lifted is similar, those who used heavier dumbbells to perform the exercises, torched a whopping 25% more calories than those who choose lighter weights and just increased the number of repetitions for each set. A 5-10% increase in weight can be enough to get the benefits. Also, if you prefer to crank up calorie burn with the help of equipments, make sure to opt for a weighted vest instead of ankle or hand weights as these can affect your balance and make you more prone to injury when moving fast.

Divide your workout If you prefer to work harder than to abstain from your favorite food indulgences or even eliminate them, you are probably used to log in longer workouts. However, doing a long exercise session might not give you help to burn the most calories, as you might be tempted to go slower or less intensive after a while due to muscle fatigue. Dividing your workout in two smaller sessions might help you burn 100 extra calories and will keep your metabolism at top speed all day long. A small meal before a workout can also help you push yourself harder, as you’ll have more energy.

Check online resources to find out which exercises burn more calories Nowadays, the internet is filled with a lot of useful resources that can help us lose weight or get fit easier. From food calorie calculators to fitness calculators, these tools can often give you the necessary info to make better decisions. Comparing two similar workouts based on calorie burn or finding out precisely how much you might be able to burn with a specific workout doesn’t have to be guesswork anymore.

Don’t forget music and water when exercising outdoors. Music can help you work out for longer without even realizing. And a water bottle is indispensable if you choose to work out outside during summer. But you might not realize that water can help you workout longer as well. Only refrigerated water seems to have this effect, though. Those who drink refrigerated water might be able to extend the duration of their workout without trying too hard. In addition, the workout session might feel easier too. If you prefer the treadmill, however, make sure to do at least 12 minutes on moderate to high speed to really reap the calorie burning effect it can provide.

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