Over exercising can be just as dangerous as a sedentary lifestyle. When you’re wondering how much should you exercise, pay attention to the less than subtle signs your body gives you, in order to avoid the long-term health risks of over exercising.

Keeping healthy and fit with regular exercise can turn into less of a benefit when it pushes the limits of your body too much. Check out the signs and dangers of over exercising that can expose you to as many health problems in the long run as not exercising at all.

Signs of Over Exercising

Working out produces endorphins, hormones can keep your mood levels elevated, so for some people exercising can become an addiction.

One of the first signs of over exercising is a decreased performance, more easily noticed after endurance physical activities, including jobbing and cycling.

Mood changes and a delayed recovery time after vigorous workouts are other important signs you shouldn’t ignore. When you work out too much, you can also suffer from fatigue, insomnia and diminished appetite.

Sore muscles are something everyone deals with when increasing their activity levels, but if the problem persists, it can sometimes cause long term damage.

Over Exercising – How Much Is Too Much

Dangers of Over Exercising

Exercise-related exhaustion isn’t the only danger of working out too much. When your body is constantly struggling to keep up, you can actually lose muscle mass.

Damage from over exercising affects bones, that can suffer stress fractures, and also cartilage, tendon, joint and ligament damage. Pain isn’t supposed to be a factor in a healthy lifestyle with exercise. Ignoring it can lead to problems that could require surgery or even permanent damage that becomes more evident as you age.

Women who practice over exercising can also notice disrupted menstrual cycles, an effect of hormonal changes in the body. Ignoring inflammation of the muscles and joints can also cause a weakened immune system.

Over Exercising – How Much Is Too Much

Can You Work Out Too Much? Fat Gain in Over Exercising

The most ironic side effect of over exercising can be actual fat gain. Even when you’re losing weight, you can accumulate extra fat because the stress your body is subjected to regularly elevates stress hormones, which in turn slow down the metabolism’s fat burning rates.

Building muscle mass does require extra effort, but over exercising until exhaustion regularly can lead to big health issues. Make sure you don’t push yourself too hard and too fast to avoid the problems caused by over exercising.