It is an amazing thing to find out that dancing can be not only fun but also healthy. There are several types of dances that were adopted as workouts.

Salsa and step courses became very popular due to their combo of pleasure and physical exercising. Let’s see some of the main benefits of dance.

Workouts must not be exhausting and painful to have a great result. You can treat your body with slow and gentle moves still burn fat effectively. Believe it or not, dancing can be a low intensity cardio exercise.

Dancing burns as many calories as swimming or walking. The amount of calories burnt during a dance session can reach from 200 to 400. Especially if you choose a dance that needs several and various moves.

The success of keeping you in shape with dancing might depend on several factors: duration, intensity and regularity, it is very important to include it into your daily routine.

You have the chance to choose slower types of dances as ballroom dance or quicker ones as step. Dancing is also great to keep your cholesterol levels within healthy limits.

If you’re a beginner start with a slower pace, warm up your muscles to avoid injuries. Then you can go on with faster steps and higher intensity. It depends on your state of health and ambition. If you feel it a bit exhausting don’t be afraid or ashamed to take a few breaks. These will do good to your body, take it slow.

This type of workout makes you more flexible, since it presupposes stretching and bending. It is important to choose the right dance for your body.

Belly dancing is very popular among ladies, it keeps the back healthy and flexible, improves posture and can reduce stress. Similarly ballet can sedate your nervous system making you more relaxed and it develops your sense of balance.

If you’re not really into ballet or jazz choose a rhythmical and more demanding one. Salsa and Flamenco is great for sweating and this way eliminating toxins. Swing is another quick dance that requires lots of energy. Your arms as well as thighs get toned by several leaps and jumps. Soon your muscles will be trained to these activities. Look at those dancers who are able to lift twice as much than their own weight high above their head.

Dancing keeps not only your body but also mind healthy. Since it is a social activity people tend to build relationships and ties with other dancers.

Memorizing complex steps can also develop your brain functions, regular dancing can do miracles for stimulating your mind.