One of the best means to treat our body with the best workout plans is to stay versed with the latest trends in fitness. Those who would like to know beforehand what are the main exercise programs to keep an eye on for the next year should definitely read all the informative material below. The latest fitness trends for 2011 keep you on your toes especially if you flirt with the idea of adopting one of these in order to tone your muscles and also lose weight. From the Cardio to the strength training plans as well as the combination of these you’ll be able to pick the best craze that is promoted by great trainers as well as celebrities. These are indeed some of the fitness programs to find out more about in order to achieve the best body image you longed for.


Alice Bracegirdle is the founder of the oh-so-popular Bellyfit exercise plan. A program that was actually intended to women exclusively in order to boost their confidence and help them achieve a dream silhouette. As a complex plan it fuses various elements of different fitness domains. The workout session starts with a pleasant mediation then comes a warm-up sessions and some Cardio. Finally, the most important phase includes different steps from belly dancing, Bhangra as well as African dance.

This mixture of ingredients is further completed with Pilates movements and exercises as well as stretching workout which is inspired by Yoga. The whole workout is finished up with another healing meditation. Weight loss, muscle toning, properly working metabolism as well as increased flexibility and a spotless posture are some of the main promises of Bellyfit. Thanks to the versatile structure of the workout session our mind and also body will have the chance to enjoy the benefits of Bellyfit.


Though the founding of these workout plans can be traced back to the past decade, these seem to gain territory in the world of fitness just now. Aerojump is another exercise plan that launched a real craze in Hollywood as well as in the various countries of the world. The professional boxer Michael Olajide’ Jr. came up with the idea of a similar plan which works in the tradition of rope jumping to workout songs that boost your mood and energy on the spot. Boxers are familiarized with the importance of jump ropes in their training sessions.

Aerojump offers an intense workout that works miracles with your calves, thighs, arms as well as the upper body. The program promises no less than 450 calorie burning in only 10 minutes. Our weight might also determine the pace of the weight loss process, therefore everyone should consider his/her objectives on a long term. Adopt a similar workout plan if you are impressed by the high-intensity workout plans that sure move every tiny part of your body.


This is another popular workout plan that as its name denotes combines some features of Pilates with boxing. Ladies should be prepared for an exhausting and at the same time all-body muscles toning program envisoned by one of the most famous celebrity trainers as well as former dancer Viveca Jensen. The soft and relaxed moves of Pilates are combined with strength training that aims to tone our core and provide us with more flexibility and a spotless and dainty posture.

Air punches as well as tummy-strengthening and toning exercises serve as the best means to polish your figure and additionally you’ll use weighted gloves to further increase the intensity of the workout. Kicks and leg swings are also no strange things for those who decide to adopt this trend. Piloxing grants you with feminine curves and muscles toned to perfection.

Kangoo Jumps

Are you eager to find out how to combine fun and exercise in the easiest way? Then embrace the Kangoo jump fitness trend for the next year which offers you the privilege to lose weight and work on your muscles without being forced to stay at the gym or at home. These Pogo jogging shoes were invented in the 90s and still managed to convince celebs and great trainers of their efficiency when it comes to a well-defined exercise plan.

The alternatives when it comes to training with these shoes varies according to your preferences. Whether you decide to attend a Kangoo jump class and do the classy exercise or would like top purchase the shoes and do the workout your own way, all options are available which makes this exercise equipment even more fascinating and popular.