In our childhood most of us were mesmerized by the fun rope jumping offers. Then with time this hobby might have turned into a pretty exhausting activity and we packed all the jump ropes in the bottom of our playbox. However it seems that exercise gurus just can’t emphasize how unhealthy and silly this idea really was. Instead they encourage everyone regardless of age to get back on track and adopt a regular training program that would keep our bones and muscles in the best condition. Therefore drop a closer glimpse at the jump rope workout plan benefits in order to know what you are missing when refusing to embrace this fab workout craze. Athletes are indeed some of the greatest fans of this workout equipment and what could be a greater proof for its efficiency than their achievements and perfectly tones body.

Rope jumping is one of the most simple and efficient exercises that has the ability to move all the muscles in our body. Indeed our calves as well as abs might get more pressure still you’ll be able to tone your thighs, tush as well as even arms.

A similar full-body treatment is indeed the secret to adopt a regular exercise plan that would grant you with the sense of profound training and would keep your muscles and bones in their best condition.

This workout would also improve your balance as well as coordination. Besides having miraculous effects on your organism it is super-cheap and accessible to everyone regardless of the age.

Improve your posture by training your core and work on your balance even though you might think that you have no problem in this section. A regular training of the core would give you more pleasure than you’d think at first.

Weight loss is one of the most common ambition of people nowadays. We suffer from overweight and other health problems due to inappropriate nutrition and other unhealthy habits. However rope jumping can spare us from the burden of extra-pounds at it have the power to stimulate the hormones that have the ability to strip us off from the plus-size. The HGH hormone however exercises its effect only with a high intensity cardio activity and rope jumping is one of these.

Adopt the following jump rope workout plan if you wish to polish your silhouette and keep your metabolism on full speed. Juggle with your rope jumping skills as well as the time to achieve the best results and practice a high intensity cardio exercise as the one below.

First and foremost include the warm-up session to the beginning of your workout. Devote 1-3 minutes to walking in place competed with a few arm pumping if you wish to get into the groove gradually.

In the next 4-5 minutes jump with both feet. Make sure you keep the speed on a lower level since it’s important to get used to the pace of the whole workout and save your energy for the more complex moves.

Include the skipping for at least 4-5 minutes with the same speed, as the rope comes around. Switch feet in order to work on both of your legs and tone the thighs and calves.

Then comes the running jump which might seem a bit complicated however it would just make you enter the intense phase. Run in your place and step over the jump rope as it comes around. Practice will make you a real master of this techniques. Keep up with this step for at least 5-6 minutes.

The final step is to wind up the whole exercise session and get back into the normal pace adopting the two feet rope jumping as you started the whole plan. Slow down the pace in order to be able to get back to your normal heart rate. Do this for at least 2-3 minutes.

If you are a rookie in rope jumping make sure you keep at least 30 seconds pauses between the various phases.

Jump Rope Workout