It is a well-known fact that celebrity workouts can produce wonders, as they seem to transform 40 year old singers and actresses into women with 20 year old bodies. One of the singers who was desperately in need of a new workout routine was the famous Jennifer Lopez who before starting filming for her new movie Parker needed to get into shape.

The two reasons for which she needed this were that she just recently divorced Marc Anthony at the time and also had to take off her clothes in front of one of her co-stars, Jason Statham. Understandably, she wanted to look her best.

Now, Jennifer has an incredibly fit body that she likes to show off not only during her concerts around the world, but also on the red carpet and when going to the beach with her children and Casper Smart, her 25 year old hot boyfriend. Her amazing body was carefully sculpted by using the Tracy Anderson method.

Tracy Anderson is in fact the name of the star’s trainer, who also helped celebrities such as Courtney Cox and Gwyneth Paltrow get back into shape. The secret of this trainer who all the Hollywood stars seem to love is that she has a very serious attitude towards fitness which she manages to impose to her clients, as well.

Jennifer Lopez Workout Routine for Parker Movie Jennifer Lopez Workout Routine for Parker

In addition, Anderson declares that she knows how to trick the muscles, reason for which she succeeds in her endeavors. However, it looks like Jennifer Lopez was not hard to train at all, as she loves her body just as it is and generally she does not want to make too many changes. Nonetheless, Tracy knows how to apply her methods in order to maintain Lopez’s butt toned. In fact, this is one of the things that she did as far as Jennifer’s workout was concerned. 

However, her big secret is that she changes the workout routine once every ten workouts. This means that J. Lo follows the same routine for only ten days in a row, after which her program gets changed. The effect of this little trick is that the muscles of her body get challenged more than they would be by always following the same workout. Therefore, the workout results can be maximized.

Even though Jennifer Lopez’s workout routine for new film Parker was not very difficult to follow, it seems like it was often, as according to the declarations of her trainer, Jennifer cannot go two days in a row without working out, as long as she wants to keep her body into shape. Therefore, in order to look amazing for her new movie, Jennifer worked out one hour per day or once every two days. Her training included 30 minutes of exercising her musculature structure and 30 of cardio aerobics.

Although the training the star had and still has now in order to always look amazing might look like something out of the ordinary and not accessible to anyone, you should know that her trainer is opened at the possibility of working with anybody, as she says she can change any woman’s body.

Jennifer Lopez Fitness Workout Plan for Parker Film Jennifer Lopez Fitness Workout Plan for Parker Film