Similarly to rope jumping we practiced in our childhood hula hoops managed to fight their way into contemporary exercising. Therefore it is wise to re-live the fun these exercise equipments offered and with it also lose some extra-weight from the most delicate spots of the body. Hoopdance is the latest craze in this domain as it provides us with the best low intensity workout plan that suits all age groups. Strengthen your core, sculpt your thighs and waist with the revolutionary steps paving the way to a dream silhouette as well as a spotless physical and mental condition. The Hula Hoop exercise benefits can be best taken advantage of if you choose the right size of hoop. In order to increase your chances for success make sure you keep the following principles in mind. Remember those who would like to slim their waist should go for a smaller sized hoop as it would require more effort to use it. Those who long for more fun than exercise can choose from the medium and large hula hoops.

Arm Toning

Shape your arms and chest as well as keep them in their best shape with hooping. Roll the hoop around your arms in a well-defined patterns and do it quicker if you would like to keep the exercise on high intensity.

This would not only help you lose weight from your arms but will also tone the muscles creating an alluring shape to this spot. Moreover it is also a fact in order to roll the hoops you’ll use also your abs muscles which is also great to work your six pack with mastery. Keep on with the arm rolling for at least 4-5 minutes during your workout session.

Dainty Hips

Some might wish to focus on their hips, in this case hula hoops are perfect to grant you with a worth-admiring tushies. Place the hoop around your waist and start the circular motions gradually than increase the speed if you wish to make the workout more exhausting and efficient.

In this case all you have to do is repeat the standard motions for at least 3-4 minutes depending on your preferences. Make sure you build up your exercise routine by taking into consideration the areas you would like to work on and devote more time to the critical spots.

Well-Toned Legs

There’s no need to be a pro hoopdancer in order to embed a step that would exercise and tone your leg muscles. Instead lie on the floor in your room then lift one leg in order to form a smaller angle. Then place the hula hoop on the leg be it on the knees or ankles and start spinning it with increasing speed. Make sure you keep your balance as well as control over the rolling. This way you’ll banish the difficulties that might appear earlier on in the first sessions. Polish your techniques and make it an efficient Cardio exercise routine. Go on with the spinning for 2-3 minutes then switch legs and repeat the exercise as many times as you wish in the course of your workout session.

Fab Waist

Our waist can define the whole silhouette and is one of the most attractive and eye-catching spot on our body. Therefore millions long for the secret recipe to have a fab waist with an efficient exercise plan. Indeed hula hoops can be used as the best means to fuse some fun into a serious and well-defined workout.

In this case all you have to do is spin your hoop around your waist with the well-known technique. One of the secret tricks however is to try to place the feet one in front of the other as it would increase the gorgeous toning effect of the exercise.

Do this exercise for at least 6-7 minutes according to your physical strength as well as experience. One of the guaranteed benefits it offers is indeed burning 200 calories with a 30 minutes workout and even more if you struggle with overweight.

Hula Hoop Exercise Program