Metabolism is a process which naturally occurs in our body, a process responsible for the chemical reactions in our body. This process helps transform food into energy, in order for our body to function at its best. It helps regulate certain processes which occur in our body so we feel and look healthy, and it can relate to the amount of calories burned daily.

Metabolism is a process which is present throughout our whole lives, since the time we are born until the time of our death. It is a very important process for our life, so it is necessary to maintain it it’s two functions balanced:

Anabolism, which is the part responsible for storing, maintaining and building, new cells, energy.

Catabolism, which is responsible for releasing energy by breaking down molecules.

A low metabolism can be caused by several factors but there is also a possibility that the metabolism problem is transmitted genetically. The factors which contribute to a low metabolism are:



keeping low calorie diets

increasing too much the sugar intake

having no physical activities


To speed up our metabolism, in order to obtain more energy and vitality it is necessary to:

improve the blood circulation through massages, cardio exercises or cold showers

eat health and diverse because our body needs to receive a variety of vitamins and nutrients for it to function properly, and for the metabolism to be able to release energy

spice up your food with chili peppers, ginger, black pepper and other spicy ingredients because your body will be able to digest the food better and quicker

do quick and intensive trainings to lift your metabolic rate like muscle training because more muscles help burn more calories, thus increasing the metabolism rate

do not eat before you go to sleep because at night time your metabolism will go lower, thus the food will be broken down slower by your organism

avoid drinking alcohol and taking in too much sugar

eating good carbs and proteins

A healthy metabolism will help improve the quality of your life, leaving you healthier, happier and with plenty of energy.