Ever since the benefits of regular exercise have become so well popularized, more and more people begun to become more concerned with the level of physical activity they get on a regular basis. However, while the benefits as well as the apparent simplicity of this habit might have caused an initial surge of motivation, boredom and procrastination often stop people from achieving their fitness goals. Making exercise fun is great way to beat procrastination and boredom because it can changes your associations when it comes to exercise dramatically.

There are several ways in which working out can become a much more enjoyable activity. One of the easiest one is finding a workout buddy. This strategy works on several different levels. First of all it makes you less likely to come up with excuses not to exercise as you will have to commit in advance and the social pressure will act as a positive enforcer.

Secondly since you will have the opportunity to socialize with someone who understands what you are going trough, you might get the impression that times passes more rapidly. Thirdly, although competition should not be the main goal of this system you will have the chance to test your limits and compare your results. Last but not least, you will get feedback that will help you track your progress better and make corrections faster.

Another easy way to make exercise more fun is to liberate yourself of the notion that you have to spend a fixed amount of time focusing solely on exercise. Incorporating exercise in your daily habits while watching TV and exercising during commercial breaks or making a few squats while you brush your teeth might not seem like much but they can really give a new sense to your daily routine as it will help you add small bursts of exercise through the day, removing some of the resistance you have towards exercising gradually. Even listening to music while doing your workout can make the habit less of a chore.

Create a reward system linked to exercise. This idea is also meant to help you get rid of some of the negative association you might have towards exercising as it helps you get a more immediate satisfaction, helping you go through periods of time when you have a hard time seeing the results of your efforts as well as giving a tangible sense of achievement. However if you opt for this strategy make sure that your rewards are not in direct conflict with your goals.

Add variety to your routine. If you always choose the same type of activity you might find that your body gets used to the routine and you reach a point where you don’t get the same results and you get bored in the process.

Experimenting with different activities such as ping pong, tennis, volleyball, belly dancing, yoga,stability ball exercises, hiking,mountain biking, swimming, snorkeling,jumping rope or roller skating will allow to train different muscle groups and maybe even discover a few new hobbies along the way. And, who knows, you might also make a few new friends along the way thus improving your social life as well.

Set a challenging goal. If you are competitive and ambitious by nature, selecting a reasonable yet challenging goal and breaking it down into smaller pieces is a great way to ensure that a fairly decent level of motivation to workout on a regular basis. Keeping a journal and tracking down your achievements will help you persist longer as it will make you less likely to abandon your goals being a type of reminder that keeps on giving.