Slimming down your cheeks and chin depends both on diet and exercise so you should be prepared for a few healthy lifestyle choices if you want to lose face fat. Find out what type of exercise you need to try to lose facial fat fast.

Lose Face Fat Tip #1

The most important tip when you want to lose facial fat is staying hydrated. Drinking plenty of water and avoiding liquids that dehydrate you, like alcohol and caffeinated drinks, is the first step in avoiding a bloated face. You’ll need to stay hydrated when you exercise as well for your general health.


Unless you get facial liposuction, you can’t really lose face fat without engaging your entire body in the process. Staying hydrated and avoiding alcohol and excess salt can spare you of the bloating, but to really start burning fat, you won’t need to exercise just your face, but your entire body.

You don’t need a gym membership to lose facial fat, but you need 30 minutes of cardio 5 days a week for your entire body. You can walk at a brisk pace, jog, cycle or even dance. Aerobics, swimming and most sports also offer a good cardio workout that helps burn fat on your entire body, which will eventually lead to a slimmer face.

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How to Lose Face Fat by Exercising

Toning Facial Muscles

Facial exercises can seem ridiculous, but they actually help tone your facial muscles and help you get rid of the plump cheeks and chin.

The easiest exercise for facial toning is the smiling Buddha. Start by folding your lips into your mouth, then raise the corners to form a smile. Keep it in position for a few seconds, then repeat.

Another simple exercise starts by curling the bottom lips over your bottom teeth. Open your mouth and start moving your jaw up and down while keeping the muscles tight and you might lose facial fat faster.

To keep your cheek and brow muscles in shape, put your thumbs on your cheekbones and your index fingers on your eyebrows. Close your eyes, press all the fingers upward and keep the position for 30 seconds.

How to Lose Face Fat by Exercising

Diet Tips

Try to cut down on your sodium and fat intake. Salt causes water retention and eating more fiber and less fat can help you lose weight and lose facial fast quicker.

Snack on more fresh fruit and vegetables and cut back on alcohol as much as possible, since it’s a major cause of facial bloating, making your face appear fatter than it really is.

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