Getting rid of post-pregnancy weight is not that easy, therefore some women might not have the proper ambition or objectives to be able to realize a similar goal. In order to know how to start your slimming project it is also important to consider some of the factors that can sabotage your success. Professionals claim that one of the secrets to master a weight loss plan is to set your objectives properly without longing for dramatic and almost impossible to achieve goals.

Crash diets and high intensity workout at least 5 times per week would not only completely exhaust you but can harm your organism and launch irreversible damages in the various systems. Instead make sure you take into account that you put on the unwanted weight in no less than 9 months and it is important to give yourself almost the same amount of time to get rid of it. These are some of the most practical tricks on how to lose baby weight worth considering if you wish to boost your self-esteem.

The Proper Start

It is essential to take into account the effort birth and the 9 months required in order to define the best period to start your weight loss project. Indeed professionals claim that it is important to wait at least 6 weeks in order to re-gain your spotless health condition and energy that helps you complete the various phases of your project.

Six weeks should be devoted to recovery as well as proper nutrition and sleep. Fatigue can be one of the sabotaging factors that would spoil your routine. Instead make sure you keep exhaustion at a moderate distance and make sure you embrace a workout and diet plan only after you feel completely healthy.

Stay Active

After the 6 weeks passed you can get into the groove of staying dynamic. First to get used to regular exercise you can choose low intensity Cardio which can be dance, walking as well as housework.

You would be surprised how many pounds you’ll be able to strip off if you keep yourself energetic and use your power and effort to embed some of the most common activities that help you burn calories you consume.

Light exercising is the key to success therefore start with an exercise of no more than 10 minutes. Then it is also recommended to gradually increase the time spent with this habit and make sure you add 20 minutes each 2 days to your exercise. This is the secret for a successful and less exhausting workout.


Believe it or not opting for the traditional breastfeeding will help you strip off those extra pounds. Professionals advise us to keep on with this healthy routine and we’ll have the chance to lose no less than 500 calories per day. No wonder celebrities also promote breastfeeding as one of the most practical methods to lose baby weight. Take advantage of this habit which is extremely nutritive of the baby and would spare your from long hours spent with physical exercise.

Water and Weight Loss

Water is just as important when losing post-pregnancy weight as it is when you would like only to polish your silhouette. Therefore increase the consumption of this liquid to at least 10-12 glasses per day. This is the perfect solution to flush the fat out of your organism with the additional free agents. The various juices and soda all would stuff your body with calories. In spite of their delicious taste you must have the ambition to control their consumption and switch things up a bit with water that has undoubtedly endless benefits especially if you are engaged into a weight loss project.

Don’t Skip The Meals

Some of the mums due to their busy daily schedule might skip various meals. This might seem a proper solution to cut back on calories however nutritionists discovered that it might do you more harm than good especially if you embrace this habit a few weeks after giving birth to your baby. Instead of juggling with the meals adopt a well-defined meal plan which includes at leas 5-6 smaller meals per day. This way you’ll spare yourself from the food cravings as well as you’ll be able to keep your metabolism on top speed. Burn more calories with these tips and make sure your organism gets all the must have vitamins and nutrients.