Easy street on abs exercisesEverybody wants a flat tummy and fashion nowadays is very encouraging in showing your navel and surroundings, which by the way is not always a pretty scene. How to work out your abs without hating it or buying the latest gadget on the shopping channel? The most common myth behind sculpted abs is that you have a sweat and growl for hours performing ridiculous amounts of sit-ups. The good news is that quantity in not as important as quality; and also you can cheat a little and get some extra help from the nutrition shop. Well let’s find out how to make your life easier and have a flat tummy.

Before starting to go crazy on your sit ups routine you should now that the abdominal muscles in order to be revealed you have to lose first the layer of flabby tissues that covers them. How to do that? Aerobics, aerobics, aerobics The combination between constant aerobic exercise (at least 3 times per week) and a diet program (eating less calories than the amount you burn anyway) will get you to shred some of the adipose on top of your abdominal muscles. Only after you are on the right track, a proper sit up program will show its benefits.

Probably the best known exercise for abs is the abdominal curl, also known as sit up. In principal a very basic and efficient exercise, the curl is often perform in a wrong way, leading to injury, fatigue, and insignificant results. Regarding of your fitness level or how big your tummy is, if performed correctly the abdominal curl is an exercise that everybody should be able to perform. Numerous times I’ve witnessed persons stating that it is impossible for them to do this exercise because they are not fit or their belly is simply too big. All they needed instead was just a few minutes of couching and, magic happened: they could already have their first curls.

So what’s the big deal, how to do it correctly? As with all exercise you have to start small and work your way up, consistency being your main allied. Starting position is flat on the floor, face up. It is recommended to use a exercise mat or a thicker carpet, not one you can sink into though. Laying down bend your knees while your feet remain flat on the floor and open your legs until your knees are apart approximately on the same distance as your shoulders are. Your back should be flat on the floor. From this position lift your upper body until your shoulder blades are off the floor, abs are just slightly contracted and your lower back is still in contact with the floor. The weight of your head can be supported by your hands (hands behind the neck), but be careful not to pull your head up from your neck, just support it’s weight with your hands.

This is the starting position of the exercise. From here just perform a curl, lifting your body just a little bit up in a curling move until you reach a maximum contraction in your abdominal muscles. Remember it is important to feel that contraction, the distance your upper body travel has not any relevance whatsoever, that’s why the exercise is called a curl (try to imagine your spine curling and bending while pressing on the abs and contracting them at maximum). Then perform the opposite, coming back into the starting position with the shoulder blades off the floor.

After just a few curls you will feel the amazing power and effect of this extremely simple exercise. Form here you can build up and set up a program according to your goals and fitness level.