Did you eventually notice that little bag you wear around your neck, yes…it’s called double-chin, and we must admit that more and more people ‘benefit’ of this privilege. It is complicated to find the actual reason for its appearance however there are several methods to fight it or get rid of it.Usually, double chin appears due to lack of exercise and obesity but in some cases it’s hereditary.

Beside exercise, the easiest way to get rid of it is keeping a healthy diet and eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. The following exercises will help you get rid of the double chin, without cosmetics surgery. These methods can be used sitting in front of your computer or TV.

Probably the easiest exercise is to keep your chin on your palms and rub the muscles under your jaw. Your muscles must be tightened during this exercise in order to be effective. It is important to keep your tongue at the roof of your mouth. With patience and a few minutes dedicated to this workout you can enjoy its results.

Chewing is a practical method for working your double-chin. The following exercise will require artificial chewing. Look up and imitate this movement, open and close your mouth repeatedly. Practice this exercise several times a day and you can combine it with the other ones. Sit in a comfortable position than tilt your head to the right, when you feel your muscles stretch keep it for 10 seconds, then change the direction and tilt it to the left. If you will observe, many aerobic exercises start with similar exercises, your face and neck is as important as your body.

The following exercise will give the greatest satisfaction to ‘chewing gumaholics’. Exercising certain mimes (preferably in private) and chewing sugar-free gum will keep the muscles of your face ‘working’.

For a quick fix, you can ‘hide’ a double chin with makeup. By creating shadows you can lengthen your neck and make your double chin less obvious.

Get a matte pressed powder, that’s two shades darker then your skin tone. With the help of a makeup brush create a shadow along the base of your jawline to reduce the area beneath. The shadow will give your jaw more definition and your double chin won’t be as noticeable, especially from a distance. Also move the attention from your neck to your eyes, lips and cheekbones.

Don’t wear clothes that will accentuate your double chin, that have the neckline right at the limit of your chin, say no to: high necklines, high V-necks, boat necks. Try V-neck nonetheless the deeper the better.

Finally avoid wearing jewelry that can emphasize your double chin, long earrings that end right at the chin area and accessories – as a scarf would only top the image. Instead, wear small stud earrings, lariat and long necklaces, which would distract the attention away from your chin.