Get in shape for bikini season by accentuating your natural curves. Running, biking or hiking help, but the end result is up to special exercises to get curves and to the right diet.

Get more defined curves by working out the right muscle groups with these simple tips that show you how to get more curves with exercise. Before you start a vigorous workout regimen, don’t forget to start eating a protein rich diet, that offers more calories per day than you need: it’s the best way to build muscle mass.

Shoulder and Chest Exercises to Get Curves

If you have small shoulders, working the deltoids can help enhance your waist and your hips. The best exercises for the upper body curves are the lateral raises and the overhead presses. Start with light dumbbells and work out slowly while keeping your core tight for best results.

Working the pectoral muscles can be a great way to accentuate your breasts and get more defined curves. Do bench presses with a barbell and chest flys, simple exercises that start out like the bench press but involve bending your elbows and lowering the weights to your sides. Having a spotter helps for both these exercises, but don’t work out with heavy weights at first.

How to Get More Curves with Exercise

Get More Defined Curves with Ab and Gluteus Maximus Exercises

Work out your abs and butt muscles for a flattering hip enhancing routine. Do bicycle crunches for your abs. Lie on your back, lift your legs and move the opposite knee and elbows towards each other.

One of the best exercises to get curves simultaneously works out your abs and your obliques. Standing up, lower the dumbbell you have in each hand on the thigh, while bending the torso and keeping your hips straight.

Squats are the best way to go for the gluteus maximus, the most important muscle in the butt. You can also use an exercise ball for prone leg lifts or do hip extensions: lying down on your back, support yourself on your elbows and extend your leg up high.

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How to Get More Curves with Exercise

Calf and Thighs Exercises to Get Curves

Strengthening your thighs is a surefire way to get more defined curves and lunges are the best way to go. The bench step-up is one of the most useful exercises to get curves and it simultaneously works your thighs, hips, glutes and shoulders. Step-up on a bench holding dumbbells in each hand and hold for 3 seconds with your left leg lifted to the side. This exercise also works your calves and it’s a simple way to get more defined curves.

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