As the hot season is approaching, you certainly can’t wait to put on your summer dresses, shorts and bikinis that were resting peacefully in your wardrobe during the winter months. If you want to look gorgeous for the summer pool parties and the next beach holiday, make sure you save some time for yourself to get your body back in shape and achieve a gorgeous silhouette.

Regardless of how many pounds a woman wants to shake off, everybody needs a little adjustment here and there, be it the waist, buttocks or thighs area. Today we give you some useful tips regarding your exercise routine and daily diet so that you will be able wear all your favorite outfits this summer.


The key to success is to create a plan for yourself that you can follow every day. Planning is vital to achieve the best results and if you aren’t determined to loose weight and follow your diet, you will surely fail the plan as well. Keeping a journal is a great idea, since it makes you more organized and inspires you to lose weight and get back in shape. Writing down your goals, it will be a lot easier to achieve them as well. A personal fitness journal will help you to know where you started and where are you now, so it will be much easier to follow your progress.

Replace Snacks

Go to the nearest grocery store and shop for lots of fruits such as melon, apple, watermelon, pineapple or plums and integrate them into your daily diet, instead of snacks. When hunger strikes you and when you need a bit of extra vitality, consume fruits that will provide your body with a sufficient amount of energy, without taking in plus calories. However make sure that you consume fruits cautiously, since they all contain sugar.

Make a Contest

Team up with your friends who also want to get in shape for summer and make a contest. Play in money, since it is a great motivating force to lose a few pounds. Pay attention to your diet and daily exercise and weigh yourselves once a week. After a month, the winner will get all the money. Lay some rules right from the start, so that each of you will be even more motivated to achieve her goal. If you stay the same or gain some weight, you will have to pay a sum that you all agree on. However, don’t forget that your safety is the top priority and losing two or three pounds in a week is a great accomplishment.


Take your journal and write down everything that you eat. This way you will be able to recognize the roots of the problem, whether you eat a lot of junk food, or eat too much for one dish. This way you can also keep sugar intake under control. Each of these plays a vital role in achieving your goal. In order to burn all those fats and extra calories that you take in with food, regular exercising is one of the best things you can do. However it is equally important to follow a healthy diet rich in vegetables and fruits and pay attention to quantities. Foods that are rich in proteins will boost the metabolic processes in your body and help you to achieve a better shape. Another major factor is water. Make sure you drink enough water to supplement the fluids lost with exercising. In order to maintain a healthy body and stay in shape, it is advisable to consume about 8 glasses of water every day.


This is the best time to start to build some muscle in order to look gorgeous in your swimsuit. Go to the gym and follow the advice of a personal trainer who will help you with the most effective weight exercises and teach you how to do them correctly. The best way to move all of your muscles is to work different muscle groups every day. On the first day work your abs, second day train your legs, next day your arms and chest. On the forth day concentrate on your shoulders and your back and on the fifth day repeat the exercises, focusing on the problematic parts that you would like to tone such as waist or thighs. Besides this, include at least a 30-minute cardio exercise in your daily program to burn the fat. Start your mornings with 20-30 minutes of running or running on the treadmill, which are great cardio exercises. In order to achieve the best results, it is a great idea to vary and mix the cardio exercises every week or on a regular basis.

Follow our tips and get in shape for the upcoming hot season. This way you can have a healthier lifestyle and you will be able to pull off your favorite outfits and look amazing every day.