In the time when everybody’s going fast towards nowhere this question arises more and more: how to stay fit, and I might add and how much time is just enough to get in shape (since we are so busy making money, raising kids, watching Oprah and so on).

First off all, let’s see which are the favorite types of activities to get you in shape (or maintained the hard gained fitness level). Are you going to the gym, attend aerobics classes or do your own thing? Every type of activity has good and bad sides, so it is up to your agenda to choose whatever works best for you. Let’s quickly see the good, the bad and the ugly for each of them.

Staying Fit and Healthy

Going to the gym can be a great thing. You can look gorgeous in your new track suit, emphasize the features you are more comfortable with and hide the ones you are still working on. It can be a good spot to socialize, meet new people or just go there with your friend. A personal trainer is always around if you need help or to keep track of your progress. If you are a total beginner and feel terrified of walking into a fitness studio because you will look like an idiot then you’d better work on your self confidence first.

Also if you have a busy schedule and your favorite gymnasium is one hour drive away from your home, obviously you need to figure something else out.

Aerobics classes can be a lot fun, and the good thing about it nowadays is their big variety. If you like dancing you can take jazz exercise or salsa, even belly dancing, if you want the classical go for the step aerobics or classes focusing on bums or abs; and if you have a lot of energy to burn Tae-Bo or spinning is for you. Location again is the main downside so hope that your favorite studio isn’t too far from where you live. You can make also a lot of friends there, mostly of them will be though girls, and usually the instructor is cute and well built but let me say this he’s by himself and you are, well a whole class and probably not the only class that day.

How to Stay Fit and Healthy

Which leads us to the home made fitness program. This can work great for you is discipline is one of your strong points.

You can jog, bike right as you get out of your home. And have a weight or machine training in your own room. Yes you can do all these if you have already some fitness skills and a considerable will. You will avoid lost times traveling to the gym, save on the membership, have a really flexible schedule and not be annoyed by the poser (and you’ll find them everywhere you go, believe me). The major downside is of course slacking. If you feel like you need to be pushed by somebody all the time then this is definitely not something for you.