Summer is here and it’s time to prepare our curvaceous parts for the beach. Follow the tips below to have a fabulous bikini-ready bottom.

The best way to wear a bikini with confidence is to get in shape. And no, you can’t have the bottom of your dreams in just few days and minimum effort. That’s why you better start the preparations months before the first outing.

Use some elbow grease and start some toning exercises. One of the most efficient exercises is cycling. Whether you do it outside or indoors on an exercise bike, the result is guaranteed. Begin the sessions weeks before you jump into your bikinis. However you can also try dancing, swimming and any type of workout.

It is also useful if you keep a detox diet. You’ll not only shrink in sizes but also reduce the appearance of cellulite. Avoid eating too many sweets and saturated fat.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are your best friends in having a bikini-ready tush. You can choose some of the popular detox diets, but don’t exaggerate, the point is toning and defining not starving.

Walking on stairs is also great to get in shape.

Walk as much as you can, if you have the chance then even climb. You can do it outdoors or using a climber machine. Many celebrities used this method to make their bottoms in shape.

Accelerating blood circulation is also a good trick. Use a body brush to massage your thighs and bottom. A natural-bristle brush can do miracles with cellulite and poor blood flow. You can use special body wraps and scrubs to make your skin tighter. It was demonstrated that caffeine is great in reducing cellulite, that’s why many models use coffee-based products to banish cellulite.

Pilates offers several exercises concentrating on the key muscles and body parts. Choose the beginner or the advanced session and include it in your weekly routine. It will strengthen your bottom and legs improving your balance. Start it in time and do it – at least – twice a week, to have a bikini-ready bottom.