Exercising more often seems to be one of the most popular resolutions people make. Although exercising is often seen as a top priority due to the various benefits it provides, a crammed schedule is often a serious impediment when it comes to achieving our goals. Using our creativity to sneak in exercise into our daily routine is one of the easiest ideas we can use to move a little closer to our goals, without making significant changes that might be hard to maintain over the long term.

Analyzing our daily routines is the first recommended step, as it might help you determine the time gaps you might be able to use to become fitter. Typically small changes such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator or exercising while watching TV, are among the first thoughts that come to our minds, however, there are several other ideas that might be used for specific situations.

According to several studies, morning exercise routine has a higher success rate when it comes to forming the exercise habit, compared to routines started later in the day. While getting up earlier in order to exercise might not be a realistic idea, perhaps making walking an integrating part of your daily commute is a more sound idea. Increasing the pace or the distance can be a good choice if you wish to make things a little more challenging.

Breaking out of the comfort zone is another mandatory condition for success. Taking advantage of the power of momentum is a great way to add more exercise to our daily routines as it can help us eliminate excuses and cut back our resistance to change. Therefore, whenever possible, it is advisable to avoid postponing exercise to a later moment in the day when your motivation is likely to decrease significantly and making excuses becomes more convenient as a result.

Increasing the pace of your normal activities can also be a good alternative. Even though most people are well aware of the fact that household chores can burn a significant amount of calories, few choose to make these activities more efficient in order to maximize the benefits. However, putting this simple concept to work can be extremely helpful as it is a time saving option that can have tremendous additional perks.

Socializing and exercise don’t have to be two separate things. Active relaxation can be just as rewarding as more passive forms of relaxation. Moreover, group sports or games that require physical effort can be a lot more enjoyable when friends are involved, as a little competitive spirit can be a great motivator. This type of strategy is a win-win, one can help all the parties involved to get closer to their fitness goals.

Divide exercise sessions throughout the day. If scheduling a specific amount of time to exercise seems a little unrealistic given your hectic schedule, booking several mini sessions through your day might give you a comparable benefit. Varying the exercises and aiming to include various muscle groups is ideal as it can help you keep your fitness routine progressing.

How to Fit Exercise Into a Busy Schedule

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