Every new mother has this dilemma: how to get rid of the post baby belly and regain her former figure. Our recommendation would be not to force things and start losing weight in a healthy way, and not via starvation.

Solutions for Post Baby Belly

Post Baby Belly Wraps

Here’s something celebrities also admitted using. Jessica Alba even claimed she used two corsets, for both day and night to help her recover the waist she had before pregnancy. And she wasn’t the only one. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow used two pairs of Spanx to lose her post pregnancy belly.

You should know that wrapping or binding your body after giving birth is something very common in many cultures, having its roots in traditions from the entire world. For example, women from Latin America use the so-called ‘fajas’ for wrapping themselves while Japanese women wear a ‘sarashi’ to bind their post baby belly.

These belly wraps help new mums flatten and make their tummy firmer. They also are great for redefining the waistline and reducing the bloating that’s caused by water retention in the abdominal area. Mums are also happy with the fact that these wraps help improving their posture and support their core.

Post Baby Belly

The Best Post Baby Belly Wraps

Brooke Burke, actress and mom of four decided to launch her own line of wraps. Taut ($62) is an adjustable post baby belly wrap that should be used in the first 40 days and nights after giving birth. It helps you shrink the uterus and reduce the retention of water.

You should also keep in mind that in order to lose your post baby belly, you should start a healthy diet supported by a workout program. While working out, you can still use your baby wrap, and we recommend the Baboosh Body ($43), which is an exercise band that you can wear under your sports clothes.

Anew’s Couture Cinch ($79) can also be an option for new newly mums. This one works gently and holds the stretched muscles in place. Plus, this company offers a lot of discounts, if you’re interested. For more information, you can check this website out: boohoobaby.ie

Wink is a post pregnancy shapewear designed by a mother of three. What are its main advantages? It helps you regain your slim figure and your abdominal muscles return to their original shape. You can see their full line by going to winkshapewear.com Enjoy!

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