Gwyneth Paltrow, the famous American actress married to British rock band “Coldplay” lead singer Chris Martin has always been admired for her beauty and style. Gwyneth despite her age (37!!!) looks absolutely amazing. She has a slim figure and a well sculpted body. She doesn’t show her age since she takes good care of her health and beauty by leading a healthy lifestyle and an active workout routine.

Gwyneth stated that she can’t keep a diet and that she would rather workout a little bit more just so she can enjoy her food. The thing is that she doesn’t eat junk food.

She likes to eat healthy, organic food and foods that are not too over processed. This for sure helps her stay in shape because she eats food with nutritional value which give her body the vitamins and energy she needs and she is staying away from foods that don’t benefit our body in any way.

Gwyneth’s workout routine is pretty intense. She works out with a personal trainer, a celebrity trainer, Tracy Anderson which also trains Madonna.

gwyneth paltrow gwyneth workout

Gwyneth works out pretty hard to get that gorgeous body that she has. She works out her arms with movements, weights and elastic bands. After she is done working her arms she does a cardio workout. She has a 40 minute cardio dance routine which helps with blood circulation and keeps the heart in good shape. That is not all after her cardio workout Gwyneth also does exercises for her buttocks.

The room temperature in which she exercises is about 80º F so she sweats a lot, thus eliminating a lot of the toxins from her body. Gwyneth is also a fan of Pilates and yoga which are a huge success among Hollywood celebrities and not only. Gwyneth Paltrow has a pretty intense workout routine which keeps her body in such good shape. She looks absolutely fabulous but she does work hard to get it. So if you are trying to slim down and tone your body start working out and follow Gwyneth’s example.