I’m sure the expression of Capoeira doesn’t sound unfamiliar to most of you. Capoeira, the Brazilian fighting dance breaks with the typical exercises used by aerobic classes. It is the ultimate cardio workout, based on improving your sense of balance, flexibility and physical strength.

It starts with a warm-up session and you’ll get the chance to stretch your stiff muscles.  The basic step is the ‘ginga’ – the signature move of this workout – it is a from lunge to squat movement. It combines elements of dancing with stretching, it tones your bottom, thighs as well as abdomen.

The energetic kicks both with hands and feet, contribute to the workout of your muscles, these moves increase your strength, flexibility and co-ordination.

Music is a special element of the exercise, usually trainers play African, chill-out music with the traditional rhythm imitated by the moves.

Participating to the 1 hour workout with these ginga moves you are able to burn from 500 to 850 calories, depending on your body type.  It is not as chilling as Yoga or as tedious as Tai-bo, however it got into the attention of several stars from Hollywood.

Capoeira takes the body into different directions – curls and stretches, bends and twists.  It is great for all age groups, both men and women.

Having Fun While Working Out

Be flexible and try out all the different exercises, this workout develops all 7 principles of total fitness programs: agility, power, strength, coordination and cardiovascular endurance and balance.

Running and weight-training can be easily substituted with Capoeira aerobic. It differs from the other aerobic sessions that last for hours – a Capoeira aerobic class can last 15 minutes and still be effective.

Releases tension and stress in your body, will make your skin glow and your heart will work less with a smaller resting heart rate. Capoeira exercises produce endorphins which give you a feeling of well-being.

Try to include in your busy schedule two sessions a week, to keep you in great shape and to have the strength to face the monotone weekdays.