Hips are critical spots when it comes of a well-proportioned body. Some might struggle with extremely wide or too narrow hips, depending on the body shape. Those who belong to the pear shape category might have a few extra-inches in this area. Whether you wish to tone this section or even slim it, you’ll be able to have them if you engage into a well-structured plan of different exercises that will lead you through this rather pleasant than exhaustive process.

In order to work on the ideal area it is important to know the specified spots that should be trained in order to curve the hips. In this case abdomen is the buzzword before we start loosing from the extra-pounds. A chubby and large belly will only suppress the look of your hips, this way masking its lines and defined shape. Find out how to exercise for curvy hips to have the body you’ve dreamed of.

Abs exercises are often recommended in order to train more sections of our body. This spot, when toned will enhance the curvy hip area at the same time and also eliminate the disproportions that spoil our look. The best time-tested and must have exercise when craving for a flawless silhouette is the side leg lifting. This might seem a too easy and not so exhaustive workout, however, sweating is not the ‘must have’ consequence of an efficient weight loss. Instead, proceed the following way.

Go to the wall and place you hand on it for the necessary balance, then keep your posture straight and start raising your leg to the side.

Concentrate on the hips and thighs, moreover, you’ll notice that your ab works just as hard as you do. Include this moment in your daily exercise plan and repeat the exercise at least 15 times, than switch legs.

Saddle bags might be the main culprits that ruin your whole look. These tiny and stubborn accessories should be banished with efficient exercising as well as with a healthy diet.

Undoubtedly, beauty flaws like these saddle bags visually increase the impression of the hips making them appear larger than they really are.

For those who have a pear or apple shape and dream of an hourglass figure, the following exercise will help them in improving their assets to perfection.

You’ll have to only raise those legs repeatedly to have the desired effect. As simple as that, find support at a chair, make sure you have enough space around you. Now keep the leg straight, lift it in front, move to the side, then finally back. In order to be successful don’t put your legs on the floor until you made all these three steps. Then put it down, relax for a few seconds and do it again. Repeat this exercise at least 10 times. Then switch legs and proceed the same way.

Hips together with thighs can also be shaped if you practice walking at an incline. Whether you engage into nice Sunday walks, or opt rather for the indoors treadmill, the key is to have the ambition to include this activity into your daily or at least weekly schedule. Walk at least 30 minutes per day or more if you reduce the sessions for the weekends.

Curl up for those curves! The following exercise should be done while lying on a mat. Turn on your back and stretch out straight horizontally both your legs and arms. Now, gradually bring your knees to you face, keep your arms straight. Let your abs and hips do the job for you. Then slowly straighten your legs, the slower you do it the more efficient it is. Repeat this exercise combined with the proper breathing for at least 15 times then relax on your back giving a few seconds to your muscles to recover.