Eva Longoria’s beautiful legs are spectacular results of a well-defined workout program. The aspiring actress managed to include some simple exercises into her busy schedule. In order to have those worth-admiring legs all we have to do is to follow a similar exercise plan. Toned legs and a nice tush were always the trademarks of a well-trained body. The best way to be bale to sport some dazzling miniskirts is to start practicing the guidelines above. These will guarantee that you’ll get Eva Longoria’s hot legs.

Eva Longoria found the dream trainer in the person of Patrick Murphy. As a workout guru he managed to organize the actress a plan that fitted her daily schedule and also brought visible results after a short period. The muscles occupy a central place during these exercises, especially due to the fact that this is the key to tone thighs and butt.

Lunges are basic elements of the workout, in order to bring smashing results this simple exercise is done at first forward, then back and finally to the sides and also in a more versatile version, when the legs are bended only in a 45-degree angle.

These workouts when done at increased intensity will at the same time melt the extra-pounds and will also tone the muscles. Those who crave for curves might include this ritual into their daily workout plan in order to bring out the best of their legs.

The celebrity trainer also managed to set up a workout session that targets the muscles. Eva Longoria’s secret to have those breath-taking legs is to practice a high intensity workout which includes lunges, squats and even jumps.

This is the key combination to train without feeling exhausted and avoid sore muscles. The plan also indicated a few seconds of pause between the sets of exercises. More, the heart rate is kept on moving constantly working the muscles and burning the undesirable pounds.

If you want to see some sparkling results right after the first sessions, it is recommended to repeat the workout at least 3 times per week and it is indicated to combine the basic phases in order to last for minimum1 hour.

The best way not to get bored of the ultra-simple program is to change the exercises and make it more colorful by switching the music or the order of the steps. Our ‘Desperate Housewife’ Gabrielle is also fond of power walking and nice hiking sessions.

Hydration and diet should be kept on a normal level. Eva Longoria claims to consume at least 3 l of water per day, this is the secret to keep her muscles and body healthy. Moreover, through increasing the water intake you’ll be bale to boost your metabolism and eliminate all the harmful toxins from skin and organism.

When it comes to healthy eating, the actress ditched out of her meal plan the processed foods and instead consumes eggs and vegetables as well as fresh fruits, organized in 6 smaller meals per day.