Cellulite is a problem that affects women of all ages regardless of weight or body type. Although an upsetting beauty problem all year round, the summer season always seems to make finding a solution to this problem a top priority. If the cellulite removal creams available on the market didn’t quite raise to your expectations, perhaps a change in strategy is in order. Along with a healthy diet, a well designed exercise plan can be your best weapon against the dreaded ‘orange peel skin texture’.

Although all cardio workouts are recommended for those who want to fight cellulite, as they are effective at stimulating blood flow and improving lymphatic circulation, finding exercises that specifically target the problem areas can help you get results faster. Moreover, if cardio exercises are paired with strength training ones, the fat burning process can be accelerated even more. Include some of the following exercises in your normal fitness routine to reduce cellulite more effectively:

Yoga poses If you love yoga and you would like to try this method to meet this beauty goal, here are two exercises you can try. Do a half shoulder stand, lie on your back keeping the arms beside you. Next, bend your knees and then curl them up towards the forehead, keeping the hands on your lower back for support. After a few seconds release and repeat. The Plow pose, in which you follow similar steps but you extend the legs over your head at the end, is a more challenging exercise that targets more muscles.

Bridge For this exercise you lie on the floor or on a mat on your back and bend the knees. Next you will lift your hips until your body is perfectly straight, placing your body weight on your shoulders. Hold this position for 10 seconds or more and then release. The more you hold the position, the more challenging the exercise will be. This exercise targets the gluteal muscles, the abs and lower back, targeting multiple problems at once.

Squats Simple, yet extremely efficient, squats remain a wonderful choice for targeting stubborn dimples on the back of the legs. This exercise can be modified depending on your desires. Doing squats on a fitness ball can make the exercise more enjoyable, increasing the number of reps. Sitting in a chair position for 30 seconds each time before making a new repetition can increase the difficulty of this exercise activating more muscles. You can try a bent over squat with leg lifts if you want to target additional muscles.

Lunges Like squats, lunges are extremely effective in defining your legs and your buttocks. This weight training exercise is quite challenging on its own and you will definitely feel your muscles after a few reps. It can be made harder not only by going lower, but also by using dumbbells to work your arms at the same time. Side lunges are great for the inner thighs, so make sure to include a couple of variations to prevent boredom and target even more muscles.

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