Getting in shape and achieving the perfect weight can be truly overwhelming at times. While sustained effort is the key to achieving our goals, small healthy habits can really add up and can impact our health and weight more than we would think. For example burning just 100 calories a day can translate in 10 pounds lost per year. Discover some unexpected, fun, easy, inexpensive and almost painless ways to burn 100 calories per day.

Slashing 100 calories a day might seem like a small, trivial goal but it might be just the perfect way get a to a slimmer waistline and and a more toned body. While 100 calories a day might not seem like much, if you burn 100 extra calories a day you will have burned 36 500 calories a year, which is quite impressive if we really start thinking about it. To achieve this goal you don't need to make lots of effort or change your daily routine a whole lot. In fact, you can get the benefits simply by using your time a little more effectively or persisting in an activity you normally do for longer. Here are a few easy and fun ideas you can use to achieve your goal today:

Try on clothes for 15 minutes: Whether you are trying to find the ideal outfit for a date or you are looking for the perfect items to update your wardrobe, you can burn 100 calories if you speed up this process a bit. Shopping is not only therapeutic but is also a fun way to tone your body. Trying on clothes forces you to twist and turn your body in a lot of directions using different muscles.

Jump rope for 12 minutes: Not in the mood for your usual 30 minute cardio? Don't worry: Just jumping rope vigorously can be beneficial. This fun and quick mini workout will leave you energized and toned and will diminish the some of guilt of skipping your regular workout. Playing volleyball for 13 minutes is a fun alternative. If you prefer a quick weight training workout do pushups for 10 minutes.

Play bowling for 34 minutes: Hanging out with friends and working out don't have to be mutually exclusive. Bowling can be an excellent way to train your muscles while having fun and socializing with friends.

Play the piano/guitar: Think music and weight loss have nothing in common?Think again. Playing the piano for 35 minutes or playing the guitar for 45 minutes is an excellent way to improve your skills and relax at the same time.

Walk briskly for 15 minutes: While running a mile in 10 minutes can help you burn 100 calories if you don't like to run walking is a perfect alternative. Also if you alternate brisk walking with walking at a lower pace every 2 minutes you will burn more calories than if you would walk at your regular pace. Remember, everything adds up.

Wash a car for 30 minutes: Making time to clean your car is not only good socially speaking but it is also wise idea for your health. With all the ab work, stretching and squats you will automatically be making trying to reach all the hard spots will give you a full body workout at a relatively low intensity. If you continue with 20 minutes of car waxing 100 additional calories will be burned.

Iron your clothes for 40 minutes: If the massive pile of clothes that need to be ironed is a source of frustration, the thought of getting rid of 100 calories might be a good motivator to avoid postponing the task any longer

Rearrange furniture for 17 minutes: If redecorating your room for free is something you've thought about lately you will be happy to know that your determination will not only give your room a new look but it will also help you become more fit. Weight training is one of the most effective ways to speed up calorie burn and become more fit.

Clean your house for 30 minutes: As much as we might hate it, cleaning our house is a must. However, your waistline will take you for your commitment especially since vacuuming for 15 minutes and sweeping the floors for another 15 minutes at a relatively fast pace is all you need to do to get this benefit.