Leg exercises are really important in order to tone the muscles of your legs and to keep your legs in the best shape possible. Doing some simple but highly effective exercises at home can make wonders to your legs, so that years from now they will still look great and will still help you in your daily activities. Here are the best leg exercises you can practice right at home, anytime you want.


Squat exercise is a perfect choice for shaping and firming tights and strengthening butt muscles. Stand with your feet 8-9 inches apart and arms across your chest, putting each hand on the opposite shoulder. Lower your body, as you were about to sit down and bend your knees. Go down a few inches and then slowly raise yourself back up. In order to make this exercise really effective make sure you do 20 squats in three sets. In case you notice any kind of pain in your knees lower your body only as far as you don’t feel any pain or discomfort.


If you want to work all the muscles in your legs, here is one simple but excellent workout exercise. Stand with shoulder width distance between your feet and take a huge step forward with your right leg, while you are bending your knees as well. This way your right feet should align over the right toes and your left feet goes towards the direction of the floor. Put your hands on your hips in order to maintain your balance and keep your torso straight. Lower your body, pushing yourself down towards the front heel, until your leg in the back forms a proper angle with your knee. Work your leg muscles while lowing down and then slowly raise back up. Repeat the same movements with your left leg as well, practicing it 30 times in three set, for each leg apart. Make sure that you always keep your back erect over the bent knee and focus on doing the exercise slowly in order to achieve maximum results. If you suffer from knee problems, make a little chance in the movements by taking a smaller step forward and lowering only as far as it is comfortable for you in order to avoid placing too much stress on your knees.

Heel Raises

These exercises are really effective for working the calf muscles. Calves can be toned pretty easily since they respond really fast and the result is visible within a few days. You will simply adore this simple exercise, as it is a perfect choice for those who want to obtain quick results. First of all stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and place your hands on your hips so that you will have more balance. Next, raise your body upwards onto your tiptoes and keep it like that for a couple of seconds. Lower back into your initial position and repeat the heel-raising exercise for about 40 times in three sets daily. When you get a certain routine and you are prepared for the next challenge, you can stand on the edge of a stair, letting your heels hang off the edge. Start to raise your heels high and lower down, repeating this movement 20-25 times in three sets. This is a wonderful exercise to tone and shape your calves and create gorgeous, sexy legs for this summer.


Pliès are great ways to tone and strengthen the outer and inner thighs. It is an excellent exercise since it won’t place stress on your knees and you are able to control the intensity of the movements. Stand with shoulder width distance between your feet and hold the back of a chair with both of your hands for support. This is one of the basic warm-up exercises that ballerinas perform. Take a smaller step backwards with both of your feet and point them out like a duck. Make sure your chest is open and your back is straight and erect. Gently lower your body and go down as far as it is comfortable for your knees. Raise back up slowly and repeat the exercise for about 30 times in three sets. Slow motions help the muscles to work more intensely so you will achieve faster results.

Insert these simple but exceelent leg workout exercises into your daily routine and show off your wonderful, sexy legs this summer.