Dance off fat with Zumba - a fun but still effective fitness plan fused with Latin music. Find out the benefits of Zumba fitness now!

The new workout virus created by Beto Perez and named Zumba invaded the world. It's funky, it's rhythmical still and charmingly exhausting.
The new craze has Latin music influences mixed with some energetic still easy-to-learn moves.As the trainers claim the chief aim is to make people get addicted to it - you have to love it in order to finish sessions without laughing.

Exercise with fun and Zumba that's what this team really guarantees.

zumba fitness

Besides being a real fitness tycoon the Zumba company spreads the Zumba fever all over the world.

Whether you want to lose some extra pounds or you only want to keep your body in shape you'll definitely find some funky and useful moves.

Rumba, mambo, flamenco and even hip-hop fans are highly advised to try out Zumba fitness to see that there's no music you can't use for some tummy, thigh and arm toning.

Perez had a moment of epiphany when back in the 1990s he forgot to bring his fitness music to his dance class and had only salsa and merengue at hand.

He improvised a whole session, proving that this music was also perfect for fitness - nowadays trainers are allowed to introduce their own movements without any restriction.

The basic guide when starting a Zumba session is to have fun. As a popular form of party-fitness it'll teach people how to enjoy a sweaty workout.

Another advantage is that you don't have to struggle with the steps.

These were designed specially for the wide public.

Each Zumba session last for 1 hour, the plan mixes 4 different rhythms: salsa, merengue, cumbia and reggaeton. These are further completed with flamenco, rumba, calypso and mambo tunes. There are special Zumba variations from childhood (Zumba Kids) to late adulthood (Zumba Gold).

The workout promises a 700-1000 calorie burn per hour. As its name suggests, Zumba in Spanish means 'move fast and have fun', it mixes cardio and resistance exercises.

Say goodbye to your dull working days and join the Zumba craze!