If you want to lose some weight, but still look feminine and fit, then Pilates might be your answer. You’ll look amazing, toned and your muscles will be longer and leaner.

If you’re still not convinced about this type of exercises, then you should take a look at Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Garner, Anna Paquin, Miley Cyrus and Miranda Kerr, all of them A-list celebrities who do Pilates.

Celebrities Doing Pilates

What celebrity does Pilates? Here’s our answer: not just one! And they’re all very happy with the results! We must agree with them, especially after seeing these A-listers rocking flawless bodies this summer. What’s even more surprising is that most of them are happy mothers that were very ambitious when it came to losing their baby weight and their determination got them back in shape in a short amount of time.

Pilates Workout

Celebs Who Do Pilates: Jennifer Garner

Alias star Jennifer Garner looks amazing and seems to have found the secret of a happy life. She even confessed that Pilates has changed her life because it helped her rediscover herself and enjoy the harmony of a well balanced existence. After taking a look at how good she looks after giving birth to three beautiful children with husband Ben Affleck, we should definitely give her credit.

Body Secret of Miley Cyrus: Pilates

Another celebrity that recently embraced Pilates is Miley Cyrus. She started doing her exercises with Hollywood trainer Mari Winsor, who’s famous for launching a lot of great Pilates-related DVDs, such as Winsor Pilates or Lower Body Pilates.

Miley’s trainer stated that the actress/singer’s workout routine included some special Pilates exercises specially designed to get super flat abs, such as double leg stretch or the hundred. So, if you like Cyrus’ fit body, you can check out Winsor’s DVDs and get started.

Pilates Chair ExercisePilates Exercise

Jennifer Aniston Loves Pilates!

Jennifer Aniston is another famous celebrity that embraced Pilates. And this 40-something actress does look amazing and she’s not showing her age. She’s very dedicated to the pilates workout especially because it helped her solve the hip and back problems she was dealing with. And she adds:’It makes me feel like I’m taller’.

Celebrity Pilates Fan: Madonna

The queen of pop is a big fan of Pilates. Madonna is well known for her super fit body and for trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. This talented and hard working artist has plenty of reasons to keep doing her Pilates exercises. Why? The answer is simple: through these exercises she learned how to have a better posture, how to breathe and how to prevent injuries during her exhausting tours.

Would you give Pilates a try?

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