Sleep deprivation might be often associated with weight loss however it seems that specialists claim that a balanced and regular relaxation routine would help us lose more weight than when being under constant stress. Moreover a healthy weight loss regime is at least damaging for our organism. The various criteria would create the perfect condition to increase the success for getting rid of extra-pounds. Metabolism has a crucial role on the shaping of our silhouette as well as detoxification. As a consequence it is important to establish all the necessary circumstances for a deep sleep as well as the balanced functioning of our metabolism. These are some of the most important factors to adopt when learning how to burn calories while sleeping. Manipulate the quality of your sleeping by appealing to the guidelines presented below until you become a real master of slumber.

Weight Lifting

Muscle training is one of the crucial methods to lose weight as well as establish the best functioning of our metabolism.

Indeed Cardio exercises would allow you to increase your heart rate and with it boost the calories burning. However the killer combination of these two rituals in fact the secret recipes to have your dream silhouette.

Weight lifting is also highly recommended in order to secure the proper weight loss during sleeping. Therefore engage into a regular exercise program that includes weights in order to lose visible more pounds both during the day and especially the night.

Green Tea

Besides the endless beauty and health benefits green tea can also have a crucial role in your weight loss project. As one of the natural remedies to boost our metabolism this healthy tea can also secure the proper calorie burning in order to prevent the storing of fat. Include a cup of green tea in your daily routine right before going to bed. During the night it will allow you to eliminate the calories and also would launch the detox process that would also spare your from additional pounds that appeared due to the free agents in your organism.

Enough Sleep

It might seep that humans are just as pleased with less sleep than the necessary 8 hour. However according to professionals lack of relaxation even if it is less only with one hour can have irreversible effects on our organism. This way those who sleep 5-6 hours per day might not be able to lose the same amount of calories as the ones who enjoy the required period of sleeping. The more you sleep during the night the more active your metabolism is during the day.


Nutrition is also extremely important while combining sleeping with weight loss. Therefore it is important to keep away of all the ingredients that might make us gain weight without even observing it. Gourmet people might be eager to munch some snacks rich in carbohydrates right before going to bed.

Besides giving you nightmares of weight gain, these can also block the metabolism as the organism has enough fuel to keep the body warm and the main functions active.

However the more you deprive your organism from this element the more calories and energy it would need to keep the body functions alive. The energy loss equals calorie elimination, therefore quit stuffing yourself with food at least 6 hours before going to bed.


It is one of the common misconceptions that sweating and wearing thick clothes during the night is one of the secrets to lose weight. On the contrary it seems that our body uses a tremendous amount of calories and implicitly energy to keep our body warm and this way it will help us get rid of the accumulated pounds. Therefore turn off the heater and let the calories do their job and keep your metabolism at a high rate. Stay healthy and slim with this simple trick.