Breast lifting exercises are easy and cheap. They are in everyone’s reach and can be done without any special preparations or a special trainer, yet many of us forget about it. There is no need for any plastic surgeries. Here are a few exercises that if you follow you can, of course not after the first try, but in time will feel and see the difference. There is however the time, that you will have to patiently wait, but if you follow these easy steps and continue working, you will achieve your goal.

Breast Lifting Push Ups

Breast Lifting Push Ups

Push ups are the basic and most common form of exercise that you can find. It is totally free and the only thing you need is the ground. The weight used while working is your own body weight. They not only define your chest but the muscles in your shoulders, arms, abs and torso.

Good Form Push Up

These are the basic type of push ups. You have to lie down on the floor face down. Form a triangle with your arms on the floor so that your palms would be under your shoulders or a little further apart. Imagine that there is a straight line from your head to your toe and while lowering your body try to touch the ground with your chest, yet still keep the straight line. Don’t just move your waist, because that won’t be a true push up. You have to lift your weight with your arms. If you do it correctly you will feel the exhaustion in your chest and arms.

Alternative or Knee Push Up

These type of push ups can come right after the one mentioned before. If we can only manage just a few with the one mentioned before we shouldn’t give up. If we’re not used to doing push ups, then of course it will go a lot harder, we’ll get exhausted fast and we’ll have muscle ache, but soon we will get used to it The knee push up is basically the same as the one mentioned before with the slight change of ending that imaginary line at our knee. This way the line will be smaller and the weight we have to support decreases with 50%.

Knuckle Push Ups

Don not worry. These type of push ups are in no way hardcore or painful. The only difference is that we close our palm and do push ups with our knuckles on the ground. This may be easier or harder for people. The only difference is, that there may be some discomfort for some people while doing it regularly, pain in the wrists. This way we can reduce the numbness. Just clench your fists and try it out.

Bench Push Ups

While doing push ups we don’t necessarily have to be fully on the ground. We can place our palms on a bench or lower chair. The important thing is that it has to be something stable. We don’t want any accidents.

Wall Push Up

These type of push ups are a little different. We are not on the ground, but standing in front of a wall. Approximately 2 feet away from it. Form a triangle with your arms in front of you just like you were on the ground and let your upper body push forward. When your breasts touch the wall then start the pushing. These types of push ups should be from the arm too. We have to be careful because in this position we may forget that we are standing and we’d end up pushing from our legs or abs which would be incorrect. Push with the chest and arms only.

“Leg High” Push Ups

These push ups are special and harder then the rest because what comes in addition to all the above is, that your legs have to be higher then your shoulder. It’s actually the opposite of the bench push ups, because this time, your feet has to be on a bench, chair or a large exercise ball. It is a lot more harder, because the weight you have to lift increases thanks to the angle we are in. The important part is to keep that line straight. Our butt waist shouldn’t be too low or too high. This exercise is not about moving the wait but the arms.

Try doing 3 x 10-15 sets of these exercises. Even if it won’t go at first try, which will probably not, in time we will get so used to it we won’t even notice that we can do 100 push ups without loosing our breath.

Light Weight Lift

Light Weight Lift

With your feet on the floor lie down on your back with bent knees. Hold a 5 pound weight in your hands and slowly bring down your elbows bent in a 45 degree position. Then bring them up again

You can also try one where your arms our out at shoulder length and you lift them without bending your elbows.

Repeat them about 3 x 10-15 times for the needed effect

If you do not have weights you can use, try filling bottles with water or similar things that you can have a good grip on.