The best lazy person workout should keep you active so you can get fit, but without too much effort to wear off your motivation. Learn more about the right workouts for lazy people that help you get fit even if you hate going to the gym.

Staying motivated to work out is really difficult when you’re naturally lazy and if you lack the proper support from the people closest to you, it’s even harder. If you always find excuses for most regular exercise, the lazy person workout may be just what you need.

Best Workout Routines for Lazy People

A lazy workout routine doesn’t even have to feel like it’s exercise. Simply making a few changes, like walking when you’re on the phone or taking the stairs instead of elevators or escalators can really help. These activities don’t have the same effect as cardio, but they will get your heart rate up, even for a little bit every day.

Exercise Bicycle

If your abs are a priority, there’s a lazy person workout that might just do the trick. First of all, start by flexing your abs when you’re sitting comfortable in your chair. Inhale when you contract your muscles, keep them that way for a few seconds, then exhale as your relax. Another great ab exercise that can be part of the best workout routines for lazy people. Sit down on the edge of a chair and grab it with both hands next to your hips. As you keep your back straight, raise your knees towards your chest as you exhale, hold them for 3 seconds, then lower them. Only one minute a day of this exercise can make a difference in your lazy workout plan.

If you want the most comfortable workouts for lazy people, you can even exercise in bed! Simply lie on your right side and grab your left arm between the shoulder and elbow with your left hand. Pull back your right arm while keeping your left arm in place. Repeat on each side 5-10 times and you’ll be toning your arms with a lazy workout routine without even getting out of bed.

Fitness Ball For A Lazy People Workout

The Lazy Workout Plan Must-Haves

If you want to get fit while relaxing, an exercise ball is exactly what you need. Get off the couch and watch your favorite shows while sitting on it. Maintaining balance will help work out your muscles while you enjoy your favorite shows. The exercise ball is also a good replacement for your chair when you’re sitting at the desk. Even sitting on it for 15 minutes every day helps.

When you’re a bit more willing to put some effort into your lazy person workout plan, an exercise bicycle is the right choice. Instead of going to the gym and feeling self conscious, stay home and pedal your way to being more fit right in front of the TV.

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