When you exercise alone, things can get pretty boring and unpleasant. But when you try a workout for couples with your lover, things change instantly: you can support and motivate each other, share an intense experience and keep your bodies in shape, not to mention the time you spend together doing something constructive for your health and figure. Oh, and did we mention how sexy your boyfriend will think you look when you keep your muscles really tight and breathe heavily?

So if you’re looking for some couple workout ideas, the next partner exercises can show you all the benefits you could get from a workout for two, from using each other for resistance, to building a strong and healthy relationship.

Workout for Couples: Dancing

One of the best workouts for couples is dancing, because it’s fun, sexy and a wonderful workout for two. So sign both of you to a Zumba class, a high-energy workout that lasts about an hour and makes you move your bodies in a sensual Latin rhythm.

Other couple workout ideas in the dancing area are salsa, ballroom dancing, modern dancing or even hip-hop dancing! Too shy to dance in public? Make a workout for two in your living room, in front of the TV!

Biking In A Couple

Workout for Couples: Biking

Pedaling in the gym isn’t quite the most appealing type of exercise, but when you go bike riding with your partner, enjoying fresh air and green landscapes, you enjoy a workout for couples that makes you both smile, while burning calories.

Even if the two of you don’t own a bike, you can still practice this couple workout idea by renting one (it’s actually cheaper than a fitness session at the gym!).

Workout for Couples: Boxing

Are you both passive fighters in need for a great double-workout? How about taking a boxing class, where you can throw a right hook at your boyfriend, without him getting mad. There you have the equipment you need to work those muscles, let all the tension run free and have lots of fun meanwhile. He’ll love to see you kicking as hard as you can, this can be a really sexy image for a man in love.

Other couple workout ideas that involve a little friendly fighting are kickboxing, jujitsu, karate or tae kwon do.

Boxing Couple

Workout for Couples: Face to Face Jumps

A static workout for couples is great when you don’t have a lot of space to workout, but have each other to make a fitness team. Stand facing each other, feet apart and knees soft. Now both of you have to squat, bending your elbows and keeping your palms out at the chest level. Now take turns on jumping up while the other holds position, rising your hands in the air, like you want to touch the sky.

When the jumper lands in the initial position, the other one jumps up and so on. Keep alternating squatting and jumping for about 15 times, take a short break and complete two more series.

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