Water aerobics is ideal for seniors since they can protect the joints from the effects of regular exercise, but they’re also a great tool for keeping fit at any age. Discover some excellent water aerobics exercise routines designed to keep you fit.

You can practice water aerobic exercises without any accessories, but the best way to make the most out of the work is to use hand webs, which help increase resistance, or balls. Most water aerobic exercises involve getting into the water chest deep, but there’s another option: deep water aerobic exercises, recommended only for good swimmers.

Water Aerobics Exercise Routines

Most water aerobic exercises focus of a few simple moves, but they can also get complex as more accessories are used. The same restrictions apply for water aerobics as for any visit to the pool: don’t get in the water for an hour after eating. Going in the pool on a full stomach can lead to cramps, which will stop you from taking full advantage of good water aerobic exercise routines.

Learn the basic examples of water aerobic exercises and create your own routine for the best results.

Water Aerobics Exercise

Water Aerobics Exercises

Work out your arms using hand webs with very little pressure on your joins. When standing in waist-high water with your arms along your body, start raising them while keeping your elbows next to your body. Once you reach the water’s surface, get your arms back down again.

Get your back next to the poolside and use your arms for support. With your knees at your chest, start extending your legs, then move them to the right as much as you can then back to the center, while you exhale. Repeat the motions on your left side and enjoy the waist slimming power of this exercise.

The Otter Roll is one of the most common deep water aerobic exercises. Hold a small beach ball to your chest with both your hands and float on your back with your legs and feet held together. Roll on each side, just like an otter and breathe between repetitions.

Water Aerobics Exercise Routines

Water Aerobics Exercises for Seniors

The easiest and best water aerobics exercises for seniors include pool walking (with or without web hands) and leg lifts (while supporting yourself with your hands poolside). Both are excellent exercises for beginners.

If you want something more challenging when it comes to water aerobic exercises, try cross country skiing! In shoulder level water, move your arms and legs as if you’re skiing: left arm and right leg at the same time. Keep your soles on the bottom of the pool to avoid tiptoeing.

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