Running is one of the best ways to keep your legs in shape, but if you’re easily bored of working out and jogging, a sport might be the best way to burn calories while also toning your legs from top to bottom.

Check out the best sports for toning legs, team activities and solo workouts that can be much more fun than being stuck at the gym. These sports will work everything from your calves to your glutes, and can even help tone your arms.


If you’re tired of stationary bikes, take your workout outdoors. Biking is an excellent way to tone all of your leg muscles at the same time, from quadriceps to hamstrings. If you’re looking for an extra challenge, try toe clips, which increase the resistance of the pedals. 

Moderate cycling, at around 12-13.9 mph can burn over 550 calories per hour if you weight around 150lbs.

Roller Skating

Inline skating is definitely one of the best sports for toning legs, since you’re moving constantly, while the weight of the skates also increases your leg workout. You’ll also burn a lot more calories during an hour of inline skating (over 800), when compared to regular roller skating, that also tones your legs, but only helps you burn under 500 calories per hour.

Beach Volley For Amazing Body

Beach Volleyball

Another great way to work out while having fun, beach volleyball takes all the running and jumping of the regular sport, and adds the increased difficulty of doing it on sand. It’s one of the best sports for toning legs, and it can help you burn up to 500 calories in one hour long match. It even strengthens the muscles in the soles of your feet.


From Anna Kournikova to Serena and Venus Williams, it’s very clear that tennis is one of the best ways to keep your legs toned. You can schedule a doubles match if you wanna have fun while working out, or you can also practice by yourself with a backboard. The running around, paired with the twisting motions will work out every muscle group in your legs, while burning around 500 calories per hour.

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You don’t have to play soccer at a competitive level to get the great benefit this sport provides for your legs. A casual match can help you burn anywhere from 400 to 500 calories in an hour, but it will also work out your calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, and even glutes. Hitting the ball and running around make for an excellent workout, and you’ll also be twisting your muscles in new positions.

Ice Skating

Definitely one of the best sports for toning legs, ice skating will help you work out every muscle group in your legs, while also allowing you to burn over 500 calories per hour at average or rapid speed. If you also want an upper body workout while you skate, try ice hockey and you’ll even burn more calories, but make sure you use the full protection equipment.


Running around the court and jumping is another good workout for your legs. If you just shoot hoops, you’ll only burn around 300 calories per hour, but playing a game will take it over 500 and it will also keep you moving a lot more. Since jumping on hard surfaces can be bad for your joints, make sure you always find a shoe that provides good support.

Squash For Leg Toning


When it comes to indoor activities, squash is definitely one of the best sports for toning legs. It was rated as the healthiest sport to play by Forbes magazine in 2003, and it can help you burn over 700 calories in an hour. Moving around constantly, you’ll work out much more than your legs, but this sport can have an excellent effect on your calves and thighs.

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While ice skating and ice hockey aren’t sports that everyone can easily get into, lacrosse is also one of the best sports for toning legs, keeping you moving and working every muscle group in your legs. You’ll also burn over 500 calories during a regular match.

Water Polo

Swimming can give you a full body workout, but water polo is particularly effective at getting your legs in shape, especially if you’re dealing with joint pain. You can burn up to 700 calories in an hour of playing water polo, and your legs are getting a good workout every single moment.