Are you searching for the best resistance band workouts for women? Search no more: here are five resistance band workouts that are sure to tone your whole body!

Best Resistance Band Workouts for Women: Squats

Resistance band workouts that are surely to improve the fitness of your lower body are the squats. Place the resistance band under the instep of your feet and make sure that your legs are wide apart (wider than the length of your shoulders). 

Pull tight the handles of the resistance band and bring each one over the shoulder, while squatting. Repeat 18-20 times.

Best Resistance Band Workouts for Women: Hugs

A resistance band workout routine that should help you strengthen the muscles of your upper body involves performing hugs whilst squatting.

Workouts With Resistance BandsWorkouts With Resistance Band

Place the resistance band on your back, above bra level. Extend your arms, then pull them towards the front, as if hugging someone, while performing squats. Rise back up to start position whilst opening your arms. Repeat 18-20 times.

Best Resistance Band Workouts for Women: Bending

Workouts with resistance bands can help improve the strength of your back muscles as well! A resistance band workout you should try in this particular case involves bending while standing with your soles on top of the elastic band.

Resistance Band Workout Routine

Start by putting your feet on the center of the resistance band. Pull the handles tight, then bend forward. Don’t forget to slightly bend your knees. Repeat 15 times.

Best Resistance Band Workouts for Women: Push-Ups

Do you want to tone the muscles of your chest? Then you should definitely try performing push-ups using the resistance band. This type of resistance band workout involves placing the elastic band across your upper back, just below the shoulders. In the mean time, hold the handles tight under your palm, whilst staying in plank position.

Contract your gluteal muscles and your abs, lower your body, then push up. Repeat as many times as you can.See also: Breast Lifting Exercises

Resistance Band Workouts

Best Resistance Band Workouts for Women: Monkey Business

Perfect for toning your arms, your legs and your abs, this resistance band workout involves putting your feet on top of the elastic band, while holding the handles. Keep your legs apart so that you are able to bend your torso on one side, then on the other, without falling. In the mean time, lift the opposite elbow upwards. Repeat 20 times – 10 times on each side.

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