Getting into the most effective fitness routine is difficult because you get better results by changing the way you exercise regularly. That’s where the best fitness hacks for beginners come in handy, since they provide long term solutions for good results.

Check out the work out and fitness life hacks that can really make a difference and help you lose weight or tone your muscles quicker. Try these simple solutions and you might notice fast results.

1. Drink Coffee Before Working Out

Caffeine before a workout can definitely help you burn more calories, but that’s not the only reason why it’s a good idea to have a cup of coffee before exercising. Caffeine can also have a direct impact on glycogen, which is the storage form of glucose that your muscles use. Drinking coffee before your workout directly influences the depletion of glycogen, helping you stay active for longer.

Fitness Hacks For Beginners

2. Exercise Before Every Meal

As little as 60 seconds of exercise before mealtime can help you. It’s one of the best fitness hacks for beginners since it it activated GLUT4, a protein that transports glucose to your muscles. A minute of activity before a meal, followed by another minute after an hour and a half can increase the effectiveness of GLUT4, meaning that more glucose gets to your muscles instead of getting deposited as fat.

3. Try Compound Exercises

Exercising one muscle at a time with isolation exercises can lead to more visible results in the short term, but compound exercises are a much better idea for beginners. While isolation exercise means a longer workout, compound exercises work more than one muscle group at a time. They’re more time effective and they can also end up burning more calories.

4. Talk to Yourself

It might feel weird to be doing it at the gym, but talking to yourself is one of the best fitness hacks for beginners. Since your psyche plays a big part in exhaustion, pumping yourself up with encouraging statements can definitely help you push yourself when you’re exercising.

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5. Stay Active in Front of a Screen

The Xbox Kinect is definitely a good way to keep moving even when you’re playing video games, but you don’t have to invest in a gaming system to stay active. Take the classic drinking game and turn it into an exercise game when you watch TV. Whether you jump up and do a few squats every time a character says their catchphrase or you exercise during commercial breaks, getting off the couch always helps.

6. Walk It Off

A lot of people manage stress with food, and if you’re one of them it’s time to try one of the best fitness hacks for beginners. When you feel like you’re about to stuff your mouth with pointless calories, take a walk instead. In 10-15 minutes of walking, you can get over your cravings and stay active instead of gaining weight.

7. Pay Attention to the Gym Layout

When you don’t have as much time as you’d like to work out, it’s important to adapt your exercise routine to the gym layout. Take the distance in between workout equipment into account when you create your routine and you’ll lose less time walking from one end of the gym to the next and save you time.

Beginners Fitness Hacks

8. Stay Engaged

Motivational audiobooks can be a good choice for a workout, so use your phone in one of the best fitness hacks for beginners. If you can’t find the right audiobook, then just make a playlist of fast paced songs for your workout. Make sure that it’s at least as long as your workout, so you won’t waste time fidgeting with your phone instead of focusing on exercise.

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9. Keep Track of Your Exercise

If you want great results, you’ll need to either your weights regularly, but alternating exercises is also a must. Keep track of the way you exercise, from the type of workout to the number of repetitions. That way, you’ll have an easier time improving your exercise routine regularly.

10. End Your Workout with Chocolate Milk

One of the best fitness hacks for beginners, a glass of chocolate milk after your workout has both carbs and protein. More effective to help your muscles after a workout that soy-based protein, your chocolate milk should still be light on the sugar.