Low intensity cardio is very popular nowadays, due to its effectiveness. It’s a workout program that keeps your heart rate between 60-80% of your maximum heart rate.

These type of cardio exercises help you in losing weight especially if you combine it with a healthy diet. Specialists advise you to exercise 4 times a week if you choose this type of workout since you’ll body will need a regular routine.

Some people tend to combine low intensity to high intensity cardio, since low workouts won’t bring visible results so quickly. In fact these adopt your body functions and burn fat more slowly.

You can do these exercises anywhere, whether you swim, ride the bike, choose the treadmill, climb the stairs do step aerobic or even burn calories with housework.

The low intensity cardio workout is mainly about duration and resistance rather than intensity. You should keep the initial pace all throughout the exercises.

There is little chance for injuries or other complications. Trainers advise you to combine low and high intensity cardio exercises in order to test your own resistance and strength.

However don’t exaggerate by exhausting your muscles and body. These exercises don’t require special equipment or other tools, these can be done at home or outdoors, you can stay fit while working or walking.

It was demonstrated by scientists that low intensity cardio uses fat to produce the energy.

Your body will gradually burn excessive fat making you lose weight. Workouts on a lower intensity can burn a higher amount of calories than exercises done more intensively.

One of the drawbacks of this workout is that as soon as you stop exercising you’ll body won’t burn calories anymore, contrary to the high intensity cardio.

Low intensity cardio is perfect for rookies in training since they will get used to more intense workout sessions more easily. Elder, overweight people and even pregnant women can adopt these workout programs since it would do good to their health and tonus.

Breathing is very important, inhale profoundly and let the air circulate deliberately, since these activities are not too exhausting you can control your breathing easily.