Health benefits of aerobic exercises There are two kinds of aerobic exercises and they both have in common one major thing: air. Aerobics means, in fact, “in the presence of oxygen”.

This major life-supporting element is brought to us into different ways: low-impact (swimming, walking, cycling, rowing) and high-impact aerobics (jogging, skipping, jumping jacks, stair climbing).

As an extra to all these activities, people can now practice more fun exercises, like aerobic dancing, kickboxing, water aerobics and Zumba (a combination of regular aerobics and Latin dance).

No matter what kind of aerobics you decide to practice, this healthy way of moving has its well defined health benefits. So what are they?

Benefits of Aerobics

Your fitness level changes during aerobics, thus it burns calories.

Let’s put it in another way: you burn more calories compared to a sedentary person even during sleep. Your heart will feel excellent, you will move faster, you’ll get less tired and your body will be in a great shape. Also, aerobics increase the basic metabolic rate.

Having a fast metabolism is simply great – the more lean muscle mass you have, the faster your metabolism, and the faster is the process of burning fat.

Aerobics change entirely your life style, if you are really serious about it. It raises your fitness level, it decreases your body mass index and blood pressure, and it calms you by relieving anxiety and tension. Your lipid profile will be improved, and so it will be your blood pressure. You’ll be proud of your flexibility and you’ll look better than ever!