It’s not a novelty that ladies in the oriental and mystical world were keen to adopt this feminine and alluring and as the same time complex tradition to flash their fabulous silhouette. Though with the emergence of the modern dance trends it was swept under the carpet. The past decades managed to refresh this wave of dance with additional features that can be embedded also into a workout program.

Celebrities as Shakira and Beyonce as well as their fans illustrated how the basic movements can be also pierced into a successful and up-to-date music video. Indeed classes were launched in order to get ladies familiarized with the importance of a tones and healthy body. Those who would like to enjoy the main belly dance benefits will be furnished with the following useful information.

Weight Loss

As in the case of all dances you’ll start with the beginner level and proceed to the next ones until you become a real pro in belly dancing. Those who would like to lose weight can also engage into a regular dancing activity as it can burn more calories as other popular exercises.

An hour workout at least 3 times per week can help you burn no less than 250-300 calories in an hour. Therefore whether you decide to book for a pro class or get hold of videos and tutorials all come down to one thing, namely ambition and the pleasure to learn the basic as well as more complex steps.


Those fresh mommies who are eager to eliminate the discomfort as well as pain factor that often joins labor should prepare to appeal to belly dance as one of the ancient methods.

This remedy has the ability to tone the muscles that are important at this very moment and also will teach you how to move your hips and pelvis more efficiently.Those who are keen to opt for the natural birth alternative will be thrilled to find out more on how the conditions for an easier birth can be created with the help of a regular belly dancing routine preceding the labor period.

Muscle Toning

Back muscles are important in our daily activities therefore some might find it extremely useful to train and improve their flexibility with this popular dance style. The various turns and twists boost our ability to train joints without additional pain. Besides the back muscles you’ll also be granted with an exercise that polishes your posture. Those who have back pains due to the inappropriate posture they adopted.

Strengthen your muscle core with the help of hip drops as well as signature eights. Arms are also polished with the various lifts and also muscle toning exercises that would necessitate the use of these sections. Regardless of the age you’ll enjoy the health benefits of belly dancing no matter what your reasons would be to adopt a similar workout routine.


Indigestion can be the direct result of lack of physical movements. Therefore instead of becoming a couch potato make sure you include belly dancing in your weekly schedule.

The trademark movements as the eights and the torso twists and other steps would contribute to the training of the abs.

This indeed has a special role in the functioning of the stomach and belly. Banish bloating and other pains with the help of this workout. Boost the efficiency of your digestive system with the help of a regular muscle training activity.

Reduce Stress

Besides the various movements belly dancing also requires meditation. Therefore it is one of the popular ways of eliminating toxic emotions and release stress from the muscles. The softened and muted turns and swaying would help you relax your muscles which is the top notch criteria to master the dance style. The mind will enjoy the exercise just as much as your body. The additional music would also do miracles with your nerve system. Stretch the muscles and devote more attention to the neck and back areas as these might hurt a lot during working and under stress.