Alternative methods of relaxation and in this case weight loss might generate controversies as some can’t believe that we are able to lose weight unless we sweat. Indeed ancient techniques and traditions are used by professional therapists to spare us from the extra-pounds as well as the health problems that might occur due to this condition. Acupuncture as well as massage are only some of the main methods used as the most popular alternative method for weight loss. These target the specific and more obscure sections of our body that can influence both weight loss and weight control. Those who were disappointed by the inefficiency of the fad diets as well as training programs might be interested in the main benefits of similar treatments. These are some of the most beloved means to manipulate our body functions and launch the gradual weight loss with natural and more health-friendly methods.


Fusing the proper functioning and health of the mind and the body is the main principle behind Reiki. This alternative method would be eager to eliminate all the toxic emotions from your body and this way restore the spotless physical and spiritual health. Energy is the keyword when it comes of Reiki, therefore all you have to do is lay on a soothing and comfortable mattress.

Meanwhile the therapist will place his hand on the critical sections that should be healed. His positive energy would spread all over the body securing the healing process. Stress release will lead to the proper functioning of the metabolism. Therefore book for a Reiki session if you would like to combine weight loss with relaxation.


Acupuncture was used in the past as one of the alternative methods to neutralize and banish all the free agents that might ruin our health. The tiny needles when placed into the affected areas would destroy the various blocks that might slow down the streaming of the energy in your whole body.

Adopting the holistic principles it would treat the whole body and mainly tackle the energy flow in order to guarantee the proper functioning of the metabolism as well as other important body functions that play an essential role in weight gain and loss. Ask the help of a professional therapist who’ll be able to heal and treat your cravings as well as digestive problems.


As one of the mostly debated and attacked practice Hypnosis will still be able to help us in our weight loss project. In this case the hypnotherapy would manipulate our though and also help us relax. This treatment would contribute to a radical change when it comes of your appetite and eating habits. Those who appeal to this alternative weight loss method will have the opportunity to adopt a brand new nutritional regime due to the alternations that took place in our thinking. The regular sessions would set us on the right track when it comes of handling munching and sugar craving. Instead we’ll get used to consuming healthy ingredients.


Our feet is the direct means to the various organs as the practitioners of Reflexology claim. Foot massage is sued from ancient times as the means to cure illnesses and banish eh various inflammations and infections that might harm our organism.

The detailed map of the feet would serve as the best means for the reflexology therapist to target the organs and functions that contribute to weight loss. Metabolism can be easily influenced through the hormonal glands that would keep our appetite on the proper level.

In the case of weight loss the pro refelxologist will tackle the big toe as it is one of the main centers of the functions and systems that influence our weight.


Meditation is used both for weight loss as well as in order to eliminate all the negative thoughts from our mind that would either produce stress and with it slow down the metabolism or sabotage our weight loss in any other way. Those who are fond of Yoga as well as other alternative health remedies as breathing and massage, Zen meditation would prove to be the best idea to adopt and experiment with.

Various celebrities engaged into a similar practice due to their desire to preserve their spotless silhouette and health condition. Manipulating the proper metabolism functioning is best done through mediation therefore choose the best variation of the endless techniques and include it into your daily routine whether you do it in the bed before sleeping or at a remote spot of the house.Stress might be your greatest enemy when losing weight.